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DAP is a term used to refer to DAP brand Weldwood Contact Cement, a glue commonly used in Belegarth Weapon Construction. It comes as either a liquid or a gel - while the gel is less messy and easier to use, the liquid is considered stronger. Dap is the most common primary adhesive used in foamsmithing.

Care must be taken when using Dap to glue both surfaces, and to allow the glue to dry at least 15-20 minutes before adhering - it should be a tacky, sticky texture and should no longer be wet or glossy. Dap is not normally used for open-cell foam, as a large amount of Dap must be soaked into the foam before there is enough on the surface for adhesion - spray glue is usually used instead.

It is often found helpful to rough both of the surfaces being glued beforehand, for better adhesion. DAP does not stick well to the smooth, glossy surface of most tapes, such as duct tape and strapping tape, so roughing these with a bit of sandpaper is recommended before gluing.

Dap can be stored in an old bottle of dish soap or elmers glue instead of the can for easier application.

Dap is well known for its potent fumes - it is best used outside or in a well-ventilated area. A vapor mask will also relieve the smells, and a lit candle can help to eliminate them when they have built up inside. Warning: DAP is very flammable, caution should be taken while using DAP if you are near sparks, flames or heat in general because it can ignite very easily.

Reported Costs

  • Medina, Ohio - $7.89 @ Home Depot for a 32oz can
  • Alpharetta, Georgia - $5.99 @ Wal-mart for a 32oz can
  • Deland, Florida $6.79 @ Lowes for a 32oz can
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada $45.99 @ Home Depot for a 128oz can (DAP brand contact cement not available in Thunder Bay)
  • Silvis, Iowa - $6.45 for a 32oz can
  • Machesney Park, Illinois - $6.47 for a 32oz can @ Menards or $25.98 for a 128oz can @ Lowes or Menards
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