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Spray Glue is an adhesive in aerosol form. The user simply shakes the can and applies the glue much the same as one would apply spray paint, hence the name. This allows for rapid and even application. There has been much debate, especially in the southern realms such as Dur-Demarion as to whether or not it is worth the price. While some foamsmiths claim spray glues are the end all foam to foam adhesive, many remain steadfast in their support of contact cements such as DAP. There are many brands and varieties of spray glue on the market. However, most foamfighters who do use spray glue swear by 3M products.

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Of all the spray glues available on the market, 3M produces the most foamsmith-friendly varities. They are:

3M Foam-Fast Adhesive 74: (Available in 24oz cans) -Thick stream with minimal misting and overspray. Best for bonding foam to wood. 3M Super 77 Multi-Puropse Spray Adhesive: (Available in 2oz, 10oz, and 24oz cans) -Medium mist with average overspray. Best for bonding foam to foam. 3M Spray Adhesive Hi-Strength 90: (Available in 10oz and 24oz cans) -Heavy mist with average overspray. Best for bonding foam to foam and foam to wood.

Availability of 3M spray glues is hit or miss. Generally, Super 77 and sometimes Hi-Strength 90 can be found at Walmart, but a foamsmith's best bet is to go to one of the many popular hardware, home improvement or craft stores.

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