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Looking for Targets At Battle for the Ring

Fighting Name: Warmaster Bacchus Springjaw

Mundane Name: Matthew Litster

Started Fighting: March 2005

Realm Started in: The watchmen of Ered Duath

Warning: Smolder from Mech Goblins may result in further explosions.

Made Warmaster: Chaos Wars 21 - 2017

Current Realm: Sunspear

Fighting Style: Archery, Sword and Board

Current Units: Forsaken

Date Joined Current Unit: March 2007

Former Unit: House elethar

Houses: House Darkblade, Current petitioner to Blackwater

Race: Mech Goblin

Prettiest Princess of: The empire of Sir Cedric, Andúril, Blackwater, Battle For the Ring

Craftsmen info: Bacchus operates a page for custom orders for weapons/garb/shields for Bel/Dag/Amt. It can be found Here

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