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"A symbol of our lineage with the great House of Mar." -King Damos

The Old World:

Many eons ago before our universe was given life, there were the Precursors a race of beings so advanced they could forge whole galaxies. when the precursors brought life to our galaxy they used a powerful energy source called Eco to bring life to each world. During this time some Precursors began studies with dark energies (Dark Eco) and soon became corrupted and bloodthirsty beings known as the Dark Makers. Fearing the Dark Makers would try to undo everything they worked for, the Precursors went to war with the Dark Makers. Thousands of planets were lost, but among the few to remain untouched was our world.

When they world was still new and living creatures had just begun to colonize, a gate to another place and time was opened and released a race of monsters named the Hora-Quan. We fought the Hora-Quan but just as the war seemed to be in our favor they had found allies in the Dark Makers (who had come to our world in hopes of reforging it). All hope had seemed lost until a Mysterious hero known as Mar rose up and rallied us together to fight back. Mar was eventually contacted by the precursors and was gifted with a set of precursor metal armor, and the ability to channel Eco like no other beings before him. Together Mar and the Precursors fought back the Hora-Quan and Dark Makers and eventually founded a city and the Great House of Mar was made ruling family. Mar himself eventually Ascended to near godhood and joined the precursors on unknown quest througout time and space.

The House of Mar was made up of Mar's descendants. The House's insignia was the Seal of Mar, indicating proof of their lineage as royalty. The the House of Mar ruled over their city until they were eventually betrayed and banished by one of their Royal Guard's Commanding Officers. Left with no where to go and no one left to trust the House of Mar traveled the desolate wastelands outside their city walls, eventually founding a massive fortress settlement known as Spargus. It is said that many years after the birth of Spargus City the House of Mar saved the world from destruction at the hands of the Dark Makers, destroying them once and for all.

Present Day:

Since the defeat of the Dark Makers the world has been destroyed and reborn multiple times, however members of the House of Mar can still be found (due to the fact that Mar traveled the cosmos). descendants of Mar are incredibly rare although they are not impossible to find, and show up in the strangest of places. Descendents of Mar's family all wear the Seal of Mar in one way or another. since Mar was known for Time and interdimentional travel his descendants can theoretically be found amongst any time place or species.

It is said that Mar's Treasure Huntering nature is in the blood of all his decendants, and for the most part this is true. The treasures Mar's decendants search for are often various family relics from the past, many of which were dangerous artifacts of power that can be used for great harm in the wrong hands.

Known descendants:

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