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Darastrix Okarthel translates from the draconic language to English as "Dragon Home" and we are exactly that, a unit composed of draconic personas. We are loosely based off of the five chromatic dragons from Dungeons and Dragons (c). We have an exceptionally strong honor code and this is reflected in both our fighting and role playing styles. We currently have two chapters. One is located in the Fortriu realm in Fresno/Clovis, California. The other is located in the Walkure realm in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Fresno chapter: We currently have only 2 active members due to a paradigm shift and players shifting alliances though we are always recruiting members who are willing to learn what it really means to be a warrior.

Bowling Green chapter: We currently have only 4 active members due to participant age and other responsibilities. This chapter is not currently recruiting due to the current leader being away.

If you are interested in learning more about our house or how to contact us you find everything you need on our website.

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