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Fighting Since: March 2010
Previous Realms: Sword Coast Sunspear
Current Realm Pyke
Affiliations: God Squad
Race: Silver Helms
Favored Styles: Spear



Born a Terrae Silver Helm in the time of the Makers, BEAЯ travels the land with his son Osoito preserving the natural beauty of this blue sphere which the humans call home. He guides the human race towards the light through subtle actions as not to attract the attention of those forces of darkness.

Events Attended

Battle of the Sword Coast I (Sword Coast-Ventura, CA July 2011)
Chaos Wars 14- Hailey ID, July 2010)
Anduril's Battle for The Ring III (Andúril- Irvine, CA January 2011)
War of Reckoning II (An Tir Dearg- St. George, UT February 2011)
Chaos Wars 15- Hailey ID, July 2011)
Anduril's Battle for the Ring IV (Andúril- Irvine, CA January 2012)
The Battle of Andor (Andor- San Diego CA, Apr 2012)
Battle of the Sword Coast II (Sword Coast-Ventura, CA July 2012)
Chaos Wars 16- Hailey ID, July 2012)
Anduril's Battle for the Ring V (Andúril- Irvine, CA January 2013)
War of Wrath II (Sunspear- Fresno, CA May 2013)
Battle of the Sword Coast III (Sword Coast-Ventura, CA July 2013)

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