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The White Skull is an elite force of fighters taken from the ranks of the Western Uruk-Hai.

History: The White Skull began as the Orcs of the White Skull, a small unit of Orcs in Gorothannon, at that time a Dagorhir realm, now the Belegarth realm of Stygia. After attending several events Soo Ma Tai and Slagg, the leaders of the Orcs, invited Forkbeard into the White Skull. Shortly after that, at Samhain, they dropped the Orc part and became just the White Skull. At this point they numbered around 20.

After Forkbeard spoke to V-Hil and then to the rest of the White Skull, it was decided that we would become the Western Uruk-Hai. It was then that the White Skull became the elite force of the newly formed Western Uruk Hai.

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