The Cerberus

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The Cerberus

The Cerberus is a pirate ship operating out of The Iron Forest. Her mission statement is to pillage, plunder, drink, sing, and be merry.



Type: Race-Built Galleon


Length: 180 ft

Beam: 37 ft.

Displacement: 1900 Tons

Draught: 12.5 ft.

Speed: 10 Knots

Armament: 44 Guns

Upper Deck: 15 X 36lb Long Guns

Gun Deck: 20 X 36lb Long Guns

Bow: 2 X 24lb Bow Chasers

Stern: 2 X 24lb Stern Chasers

Aft Deck: 2 Swivel Guns

Forecastle: 2 Swivel Guns


The Cerberus, faster and more heavily armed than most ships of its size, casts an imposing figure across the ocean. Her figurehead is an ebony carved statue of her namesake, the three-headed dog Cerberus.


Crew Chain of Command

The Cerberus is home to the unit Crew of the Cerberus (Sometimes called The Cerberus Crew and simply The Cerberus). Though the unit's primary function is barding and merriment, they do muster arms in order to plunder, pillage, and generally cause mayhem and destruction on the battlefield. Primarily, their combat function is flanking and line-breaking; smashing through enemy lines with daring boarding parties. The unit has gained great notoriety amongst many midwestern Belegarth realms for their pleasing voices, bawdy lyrics, and legendary capacity for drink. Enlistment is by invitation only. Ranks are:

Captain: Leader of the Crew

Senior Officers: The Captain's right and left hands

- Quartermaster: Treasurer and Logistics

- First Mate: PR

Junior Officers: General officers delegated responsibilities by the Captain

- Bosun/Boatswain: Head of the Junior Officersb Crew morale and relations.

- Master Gunner: Armorer, in charge of storing and maintaining loaner weapons.

- Master Carpenter: Campsite planning and in charge of loaner tents.

- Navigator: Trip planning and navigation

- Ship's Surgeon: Responsible for crew medicine bag and other first aid.

- Master Rigger: Flag keeper. Responsible for handling of the colors at events.

- Helmsman: Transportation to and from events.

- Ship's Cook: Cooking for and feeding the crew

Mates: Full members in good standing

Cabin Boys/Lasses: Petitioners

Crew Roster

Captain: Tossk

Senior Officers:


First Officer: Otheim

Junior Officers:

Bosun/Boatswain: Beowulf

Master Gunner: Vacant

Navigator: Welshie

Ship's Surgeon: Vacant

Master Rigger: Vacant

Helmsman: Vacant

Master Carpenter: Vacant

Ship's Cook: Das Bear






Cabin Boys/Lasses

Honorary Crew Members:



  • The mainmast is named "Calico's Dick" after the ship's first captain.
  • Beowulf's quarters currently house a five year supply of peanut butter for unfathomable reasons.
  • Beowulf doesn't eat peanut butter.
  • Wolfy however really likes licking peanut butter.
  • The current Captain, Tossk, is also the King of the Gnolls

Crew Requirements

Garb: Though we primarily take influence from early 18th century Caribbean pirates (The Golden age of Piracy), any pirate related garb is encouraged. This includes, but is not limited to, 17th-19th Century Barbary pirates, Chinese pirates such as Chingh Shih, Pirates and privateers of the Napoleonic wars, and even Vikings.

Petitioning: Acceptance into the crew is by invitation only. Your best chance of being invited to join is to hang out with us and let us get to know you.

Initiation: Before a Cabin Boy or Cabin Lass can become a Mate, they must lead a song for the rest of the crew. This rite of entry will usually be performed at camp. The Captain will assign a song to the Cabin Boy/Lass before an event and it will be their responsibility to learn it and perform it in front of all members of the crew assembled. Then, they will be given their belt flag and declared a member of the crew. Newly minted mates are not required to sing their song while out barding, but may if they so desire.

Age: All petitioners must be at least 18 years of age or must turn 18 prior to their initiation. With rare exception, petitioners under the age of 21 are not accepted.

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