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Unit Leader

Rift Blademaster of Anduril formerly of Chamonix


  • Rooster
  • Torn



Black and Blue


The Blades of Andúril focus on mobile group tactics and individual ability. This allows us to win when the odds are stacked heavily against us. By flanking, backing, and being more mobile then the opposing line it is often possible to plunge them into a state of confusion which makes them easy to kill. This is mostly accomplished by having veteran fighters who can pull and hold several of the opposing forces fighters. By forcing the opposing side to send more then a single person to fight a single flanker the odds for the main force improve. If the veteran fighter can stay alive and the main force moves quickly it's possible to quickly reverse the advantage. You do not need to be a veteran fighter to be useful. There are still many ways to make one person count for many, regardless of level of experience. The blades of Andúril are our team of fighters for national events and as a result are trained to be more competitive fighters. One benefit of joining up is that we'll do our best to make you proficient with whatever weapon combination you choose to use in addition to teaching you about how to fight with or against a group of other fighters. Membership as a blade gets you free garb when you've been around for a while so that you can come to events with us.


Every person who calls themselves a blade lives up to the following oaths they take when swearing in. Any member failing to live up to the oaths, ESPECIALLY the one about honor, loses their tabard and right to call themselves a blade. The blades are those who live the meta of the oaths they are not bound by a unit or a place. The blades are immortal because they live in our hearts. As such you can freely join the unit or leave it at any time. However, if you fly our colors as a blade we expect you to fight with us in unit battles and follow the oaths.

  1. I will take my hits
    Meta: honor
  2. I will fight my hardest
    Meta: effort
  3. I will follow instructions
    Meta: teamwork
  4. I will hold all the blades to these oaths
    Meta: brotherhood


Total: 18 (more names later)

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