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Hail and well met friends, this one's name is Rift

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Race / Class:

Khajiit / Void Mage

Realms / Units:

Grey Haven, part of Norcalia
Currently fighting with Azure Dominion

Fighting Career


This one’s name is Rift, or at least that’s what people call this one now. This one’s real name is long lost to time and space from when khajiit blew a hole between worlds. Let Rift spin this one’s tale for you friends, or at least what little remains in Rift’s mind.

Many moons ago this one was apprenticed as a mage in a far away land. This one’s cleverness and curiosity helped Rift quickly climb the ranks at the university of the unseen hand, a mage guild that specialized in offensive magics, illusion and transmutation. Many of the guild’s members were not mages at all but instead assassins and rogues who had taken it upon themselves to enhance their cunning and sleight of hand with magic. As a khajiit Rift quickly fell in with this group at the university. While not all Khajiits are thieves by trade having superhuman agility and strength makes khajiits specially suited to the task. As many of this one’s race have either grown up in hardship or slavery those skills are almost universal learned, even if they aren’t put into practice as khajiits grow older. Rift’s winning personality earned the respect of many at the university but others saw this one’s time with the shadowy element of the university as an affront to magic. While many simply shrugged it off, content to believe that Rift would never amount to anything, one high elf in particular wouldn’t let it go. Khadar became Rift’s long term rival seeking to outshine this one at every turn as he devoted himself completely to his magics.

As the years passed this one was promoted from an apprentice to a full mage and with every year that went by the enmity between Rift and Khadar grew. With no home to call khajiit’s own Rift stayed on at the university, further developing this one’s mastery over magic until eventually Rift received the title of archmage but not before Khadar was able to claim this title. As this one stayed on and began to teach new students Rift started to participate in the yearly magic competition. The yearly magic competition was a chance for the higher ups at the university to showcase their most awesome magics in an effort to out-do one another. Each year new magics were tested and performed before an assembly of peers pushing the bounds of known magic. Rift specialized in magics that affected time and space so this one’s display’s tended to revolve around pushing the limits of teleportation or affecting the flow of time around an object.

One year Rift was to try a new spell which speed time up on one object, teleported it, and then slowed time on the new object. In theory this would allow an object to be in two places at once for a short period of time. The day of the competition Rift cast his spell, and it went according to plan. Rift held a coin in one hand heads up then teleported it to this one’s other hand face down. This one was very pleased with his cleverness for accomplishing this feat of essentially creating two coins that were in sync from one. But Khadar laughed at this one, unaware of the complexity of what Rift had accomplished. Khadar mocked Rift and shouted at this one that such a feat was worthy of a first year but undeserving of an archmage. Khajiit flew into a rage and this one channelled more and more energy into this one’s spell. More coins began to appear as the object was teleported and put through stasis over and over again. Rift had never tried to accelerate an object more than once but Khadar just kept laughing at this one. Soon the spell started to unravel - the air around Rift began to melt and shimmer - until there was a sound like the breaking of glass but with the intensity of a gunshot that rocked the air. To Rift’s horror, where once this one was surrounded by coins, soon he was surrounded by nothingness.

As Rift looked behind him this one could see the faces of his fellow archmages, frozen in that instant but in front of Rift and all around him there was nothing. Rift hung there in space for but a moment before this one felt himself falling. Soon there was nothing in every direction. The din of the dimension breaking was left behind as the tear sealed behind Rift.

Rift had fallen into a place now known to this one as the void. The space between dimensions where mortal creatures are not meant to find themselves. As the void coursed around Rift gravity seemed to shift in every direction, sometimes in opposite directions at the same time. At first panic washed over this one as khajiit struggled to orient himself. But this one remembered his training as a mage and as khajiit focused his mind the forces that pulled in every direction began to quiet. This one decided that his feet were “down” and as khajiit made Rift’s will known the forces pulling at this one began to obey. Soon the pull of void only pulled down and Rift no longer felt as though khajiit was falling. When Rift’s eyes opened this one could see color all around khajiit. 10 or 15 feet in front of Rift the void remained untamed as the colors ran in many different directions, controlled by some kind of gravity that only chaos could make sense of.

The terror that had gripped this one now past Rift was instead flooded with a sense of wonder and curiosity. In a place without time this one began exploring. Learning to move about the void this one encountered many creatures that built their own small worlds in the void. With each new creature this one encountered the rules of the void shifted to fit the will of the creature who had come to rest in that place. For some creatures gravity flowed up, for others it went sideways, or there was no gravity at all. Many of the plants in the void filled the air full of poison or other noxious fumes. Predators that existed in that space would make gravity flow towards them, or change their size so as to more easily kill their prey. As this one explored the void became more and more this one’s home until khajiit had all but forgotten about Rift’s life before this one fell into the void.

As time passed and this one explored eventually Rift came across a part of the void that seemed to be even more erratic than what khajiit had come to know. As Rift approached khajiit recognized something familiar. Then khajiit heard something in a place without sound, saw light in a place that was without sun. There was a tear in the void, a window to another world. Curious, this one used the magics Rift had learned to expand the tear and step back through. At first Rift saw himself, standing in the center of the academy, furiously concentrating on some coins. In front of khajiit was Khadar, still laughing. Assembled around this one on all sides were the other archmages once again frozen in time. This was just moments before Rift had opened a door into the void.

As Rift stepped forward again this one heard a screeching as time began to flow again. Khadar was no longer laughing as khajiit simply stood there with coin in hand. Rift’s other self was nowhere to be seen. The other archmages waited patiently for Rift to cast khajiits spell. But Rift had forgotten his spell. Rift found khajiit’s mind was empty of almost everything from before the moment khajiit stepped into the void. Khadar began taunting him to cast his spell, calling this one by a name khajiit no longer knew. Instead khajiit bowed, turned, and slipped back into the void. Khajiit had discovered how to move through time and space. Once back into the void Rift was able to practice stepping into and out of it. When this one became practiced at that skill Rift returned to the academy, back to the study Rift had called khajiit’s own. Time began to flow normally again.

Though this one had spent many years practicing khajiit’s skill at teleportation Rift had never moved through space like this before. Minutes after returning to Rift’s study this one’s fellow archmages burst into the room. They all wanted to know how khajiit had managed to teleport without using any mana, without casting a circle to travel such a great distance, or how Rift had managed to cease to exist while this one moved. This one was unable to answer their questions because khajiit had forgotten all about the magics Rift had once known. The archmages grew increasingly frustrated until Khadar who had always hated Rift demanded answers. Rift did not have answers for Khadar either and when khajiit refused to give Khadar the answers he desired, Khadar flew into a rage and attacked Rift. Cursing at Rift in an elven tongue Khadar began hurling spells at this one. Bolts of lightning, gouts of fire, bursts of light flew from Khadar’s fingertips. Instinctively Rift pulled the void in front of khajiit and Khadar’s magics disappeared in thin air. The other archmages drew back in terror as a pocket of nothing shimmered in front of them, absorbing the spells but also light and sound. The archmages shouted “demon!” and then attacked Rift too. So Rift opened the void behind this one and fell into it, once again ripping khajiit from the fabric of time.

Over and over Rift tried to re-enter khajiit’s timeline but without the memories of who this one was before the result was always the same. Fear, rage and then khajiits friends would try to kill Rift. Eventually, heartbroken this one forsook Rift’s past. When khajiit stepped back into this one’s timeline Rift simply teleported to this one’s study, slowed time, gathered this one’s things, and then teleported to the road outside the university of the unseen hand. As Rift gave up the university so to did this one give up his name. With none of Rift’s old friends around and no memory of who khajiit was before this one stepped into the void… now this one’s name is only “Rift” the tear in the universe, the rift in the void.

Now this one is cursed to wander the world living in fear of running into anyone who once knew this khajiit. But as time passes for the world around this one it does not pass for khajiit. Having once broken the laws of time and space this one is now outside of time. This one can no longer age. While this one can move forward or backward through time, can visit other universes and rewrite history there can only be one Rift. So try as khajiit might this one can never be himself again.

Once there was a khajiit who was a prideful archmage, now there is only a Rift in the void. Let this one’s tale be a warning to those that would use great power to tamper with laws of nature. Sometimes hunted, sometimes revered when someone in the world recognizes this one this one had to learn to fight. This one fashioned weapons as timeless as khajiit from crystals found in the void. These voidsticks seem to retain some of their properties from the void, able to pass through solid objects, be in more than one place at a time or move at impossible speeds. When Rift must fight he wields his void magic to move behind the enemy lines, or alter the flow of time to either get away from a shot or close suddenly with this one’s enemies. If this one is mortally wounded Rift can always fade back into the void to save himself.

While this one has gained great power Rift has also lost much. This one hopes that with all the years that have passed khajiit’s old self is forgotten and Rift can find a home again with this one’s fellow khajiit.


  • Battle for the Ring: I -> IX [2009-2017]
  • Chaos Wars: 14-20 [2009-2015]
  • Oktoberfest: 2016
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