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Hey guys. You should throw up your symbol and maybe a realm roster. Fancy up your spot some.

Edits to the Bael Turath page

I am trying to make edits to this page, but I'm locked out from doing it. This is all approved by X and you may ask him if you know how to get a hold of him. Namely on Facebook. The edits are as follows:

Bael Turath

Members: 20ish

At practice: 10ish

Practice: Sunday 12:00PM until between 3:00PM and 4:00PM. Some people come early to do pre-practice warm ups starting at 11:00AM

Location: 300 block 3rd Ave S (Clinton Park), Clinton, IA 52732 During Winter months, the Ericksen Center at 1401 11th Ave N, Clinton, IA 52732

Leader: Xilof (X)

If you have your own equipment please bring it. We have loaners available and we're willing to teach others how to make their own equipment.

You can text or call X at (563)357-8807. You can also reach him at his email:

location change

we meet at centery pines apts and clinton at random parks

  ==*Bael Turath: 'Complete Chaos' Annual Event*==
  -Being scheduled for late May time frame, possible 24th, 25th, and 26th   
  -It's down below the shed by the river off RT 84 between Hanover and Savanna.
  -There will be a lot more attruibutes, challenges, and events.
  -We may go one of two ways: 3 Camps or 3 Camps and 1 Rogue Unit. (Depends on how many people we get)
    ----Getting your camp started: 
       First Call me: Josh Holland @ 815-275-5319 or 
                   email @ and tell me you want 
                   to assemble and make reservation for a camp. I will send you 
                   all the information you will possibly need and then some.
       Second: Gather at least 4 other people, and report to me who they
                     are so i can lock them in as your group. (More than four 
                     is obviously better but a total of five for the camp is what 
                     is needed to start.)
       Thirdly: I will send you a book of the rules, items, roles, and concepts 
                      for the event and your team should figure out what they want to 
                      do before arriving. Otherwise you can figure it all out during 
                      the begining hour and half of peacetime for setting up your camp 
                      and defensive measures.
       Last but not least: Bring with you to the event food, Pots and pans, clothes,
                                 TP, tents, water, energy drinks, spare weapons, and anger. 
                                 Things that can be purchased at event during gameplay: Food, 
                                 weapons, water, and other miscellaneous crap for the price of 
                                 game tokens.
       ***Stuff that will be provided to your camp in the beginning include: 
       Fireworks, buckets of freash water from the palasades, fire grate, metal prongs, 
       small bottle of lighter fluid. 
       The rest is up to you to scavenge for. 
Weather considerations are: Who really knows so be prepared for exhausting heat,
                                  cold as shit rain, or both.
           Any electronical equipment being used is prohibitted: 
         No flash lights and other shit that they lived without back in the day. 
         Phones are cool, but keep them off or use them only during peace times 
         or in case of a family emergency or real life injury on the field. You 
         won't have a way to charge it so it's pretty useless dead.

Removed protection

Sorry, I didn't realize this page was still protected. You should be able to edit the page now, but I will make the changes you posted anyway. Let me know if there are any further issues. Galya (talk) 23:45, 25 April 2018 (CDT)

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