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Bael Turath

During these uncertain times, please use your own judgement and means to stay safe from COVID and to stay hydrated throughout the season. Use masks and distance as needed.

Members: 20ish
Average practice: 10ish

Practice Time: Sunday 12:00PM until 3:00PM.

Location: Clinton Park, South 4th Street, Clinton, IA 52732 - Map

  • During Winter months, the Ericksen Center at 1401 11th Ave N, Clinton, IA 52732

Website: Join us on Facebook


New to the game? Interested in seeing how it works? We'd love to have you! We usually have a seasoned warrior or two ready to mentor and equipment on hand to try. Come get medieval! Check out the Belegarth page to find other realms, rules, forums and more!

For questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get a hold of any of the officers listed below:

  • Realm Head: X
    • 563-357-8807 (text preferred)
  • Realm Coordinator: Janito
    • 563-249-4709 (text preferred)
  • Realm Secretary: Claudius
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