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This scenario is very similar to Ring_the_Bell.

Number of Players: The game works best with 10 to 30 players. At least one marshal will help make the game smooth and help to settle disputes. (Which normally happen when a player dies and rings the bell in quick succession).

Required Equipment: Two "Bells", Two "Respawns", and a rope (20ft or more). You can use whatever you like for bells or respawns. Shields are usually best for bells, and brightly colored weapons, work well for respawns.

Setup: Split your players into two teams. Place your rope in a straight line across your battlefield. This will represent your shoreline. On both sides of your shoreline, place the "bells" for each team. Behind the bells, place a respawn point. It is suggested that the more people you have, the further away the bell is from the shoreline, and the further the respawn point is from the bell. Do not place your bell and respawn right next to eachother.

Objective: Before starting, set a point goal for the two sides. The objective is to touch your opponent's bell with any part of your body. (Face, hand, chest, etc.) Doing so scores your team a "point".

Rules: Before a round begins, teams must be lined up behind their bell. One team is Humans, and the other team is Squids. The squids start on the Water side of the shore, and the humans start on the land side of the shore. All rules that apply to Humans in Water, applies to Squids on Land. When a human enters the water, they must only walk on their knees. If they suffer the loss of a leg, they die immediately due to drowning. Both legs are still considered valid target area when a human is in the water, as they have not lost a leg (if they have, then they should be dead already). You may only cross the shoreline where there is rope. Knocking a human into the water via a push, check, etc. does not kill that player, but he must immediately drop to his knees.

When a player gets to the opposing team's bell, and touches it, he (or the herald) should yell "DING" in order to stop combat, and notify everyone that a point was scored. If there is a question as to if the player rung the bell before he was killed, then you should always err on the side of the defender (this is a game to promote combat, not ringing of a bell).

Clarifications: Loss of a leg while a human is in water, or a squid is on land equals death. If a leg has been lost, and a human enters water, or squid enters land, also means death. Humans on land can move freely, and normally. Humans on land, and squids in water can move freely.

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