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Ring the Bell

Number of Players: The game works best with 10 to 30 players. Multiple marshals make the game smooth and help to settle disputes.

Setup: Place two shields on opposite ends of the field. These are the Bells. Note that the Bells cannot be moved. Establish an area on the sidelines that is equidistant from both Bells. This area is Nirvana and is considered off limits to any living player. Divide the players into two teams.

Objective: This is a simple capture the flag type scenario. The objective is to strike your opposing teams Bell with either a melee weapon under three feet or an empty hand before they do the same. Striking the Bell confers a point to the winning team and ends a round. The game ends when a team has at least five points with a two point lead (tennis scoring).

Rules: Before a round begins, teams must be lined up behind their bell. Teams will have 30 seconds before each round to catch their breath, get a drink, change equipment, and talk out a strategy. After 30 seconds, the marshal will call "lay-on" marking the start of the round.

When a player is killed, he must remove himself from play and head towards Nirvana. Once there, he must wait 30 seconds before returning to his teams Bell, and loudly calling out "Alive." After that, the player is allowed to fight again.

When a player strikes the opposing team's Bell with a melee weapon under three feet or with his empty hand, he must loudly announce "DING!" [or something similar like "POINT!" "GOT IT!" etc.] The marshal has final say on whether or not a point was good. Winning team gets a point, and the round is over.

Notes: 90% of the time it's clear when a point is good. If there is any confusion, i.e. a player strikes the bell at the same time he is killed, the defender gets the benefit of the doubt.

It is strongly recommended that there be at least two marshals on the field, keeping a close eye on the bell. Three is ideal. A single marshal will have his work cut out for him.

Tweak the rules to make it suitable for your practice or event. With fewer players, a smaller field with a shorter death count is advised. More players means a larger field with longer death counts. Three or more teams is doable, but could be a real headache for the marshals.

This game is fast, brutal, and is a great way to practice teamwork and field awareness. HAVE FUN.

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