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Siege weapons are experimental weapons. No national ruleset exists for them, and they are extraordinarily rare to see on a Belegarth field. Numerous safety, playability and realism issues would arise if an attempt to incorporate siege weapons into the Belegarth Book of War; nevertheless, some realms have a local ruleset and use siege weapons for specific battle scenarios.

Proposed Ruleset

  • All "ammo" from a seige weapon would be considered red.
  • Ammo such as small rocks would ignore ALL armor, damage shields like regular red shots
  • Ammo larger than 3 feet in diameter would be an instant kill/sheild break until it touches ground.
  • A 20 foot rope circle would be drawn around the weapon. If any fighter enters the circle, the seige engine workers must stop and try to defend themselves.
  • A wooden screen must be put in front of the weapon for 2 purposes:
    • To protect the inner works from arrows and other ranges weapons that may cause dangerous situations
    • Act as a point where if a class 1, 2, or 3 weapon hits the screen the engine is considered destroyed.


Safety - Large moving weight that is uncontrollable after released = dangerous
Playability - Would require an entire new rule set for things such as, how do you break it, who can use it, safe minimum range, what damage they do
Realism - Siege weapons are use to siege something, not fire on infantry in the field.


Safety - Wooden arms that contain lots of energy would put a hurtin on someone if they got hit by them. It's a hazard on the field if someone got knocked into it, no half draw, heavy projectile.
Playability - same rules problems as above, plus it would have to be very weak due to the lack of half draw since it would need to be safe to fire at some one with in close range.
Realism - Siege weapons are use to siege something, not fire on infantry in the field.

Using Chicken's Ruler, a ballista Firing a 4 foot (48")javelin would require a string of around 5#.


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