Shin Ken Kei Kamon

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Winston-Salem, NC

Total members:12

Total # of practice regularly:all 12

Shin Ken Kei Kamon
Some of the members of S.K.K.

Realm officials:

  • Maru-Bushi of Shin Ken Kei
  • Fubuki-Musha of Kyou Bouken sect of Shin Ken Kei
  • Hayashi-Musha of Shinto Kaze sect of Shin Ken Kei

Practice:Practice 6 days a week from 4:30pm-7:30pm at Hanes park

*Other members:


Our school started in ' 98, we are practitioners of Tengoku Ryu Kenjutsu (Heaven school of fencing), Jigoku Ryu Kenjutsu (Hell School of fencing), Karasu Ken (Raven's Edge), Bubulus (Knife fighting style), and other traditional martial arts such as: Kegaretate no Kami Ryu Juni ( hand to hand combat) and Kegaretate no Kami Ryu Ninjutsu. Maru, Fubuki, and Hayashi decided to join Belegarth medieval combat society to introduce our swordsmen skills.

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