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My name is Kyle "Sigurd" Frey i've studied martial arts for 16 years now I am a Tatsujin in Shin Ken Kei Kamon and am also the active Bushi(Leader)of the clan.I first started learning martial arts from Kergan Sensei(who is also my uncle Patrick"Bub")I started with Yagyu Ryu Kenjutsu with techniques from various other Kenjutsu styles, the first hand to hand combat style was Shotokan Karate but most of my hand to hand was Taijutsu, my training partner was my cousin Curtis"Akushitsu". I trained under my uncle for about 6 years, then I was told I learned all I could from him and began training on my own then when I was about 15 I started to develope Tengoku Ryu Kenjutsu and started training my first students D"Tatsu" and John"Fubuki" in Budo and John also taught me Hung Gar. One year later I was introduced to Sifu Lee Roebuck via John and began my study of Wing Chun which I am currently on the Chum Kiu form....My training has become even more intense over the years so much so that I was able to defeat my Sensei in sword combat which I didnt even think was possible(though I did receive an injury to my shoulder). Now our clan is in a state where we've grown quite a bit and are now ready to start spreading our name. I am the Sword and main Juni instructor for Shin Ken Kei Kamon, and am a member of the Legend Unit including Hayashi and Akushitsu. I'm well trained in the use of any weapon because of one of Taijutsu's most beneficial theories"A weapon is only an extension of yourself" once you can come to understand that you can use any weapon, but my specialty still lies in the Sword.

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