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Norcalia lining up for realm battles at BFTRVIII (2016)


Basic Info

Norcalia is a federation of Northern California realms that work together to promote teaching, excellence, and culture in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad. We camp and fight together at national events as well as host practices, called "Moots", to help train fighters.

Almost all communications are through the Norcalia Facebook page. All Bay Area events are posted here, as well as moots and raids.


Norcalia belt flag


Moots are practices hosted by one of the realms of Norcalia to promote the improvement of fighting as well as expose fighters to larger field battles. The location of the Moot rotates between realms in an attempt to increase exposure for new fighters. At moots, veteran fighters will run drills to expose fighters to wolfpack tactics, bridge battles, castle battles, field commands, and working off of support weapons.


Fighters at the Mallenorod filming of Beyond Geek.

Northern California has had a history of several realms located close to one another for many years. This created a community of fighters that were tight-knit and loved to fight with each other, yet were strongly rooted in their culture and individuality as realms.

Norcalia began in 2014 when fighters from northern California realms decided to camp together at Battle for the Ring VI. Our numbers per realm were small, and in order to camp together we had to unite under a common name. While there, we decided to take the field for realm battles together as well. With teamwork and helpful guidance we were able to win our first realm battle (and our second ;) ). These events catalyzed an effort among the realms to become more interconnected and reinforce the camaraderie that was formed at BFTR VI.

In March of the same year, Kingdoms of Belegarth took off. In order to stop the northern progression of the Anduril Empire, the northern California realms decided to unite again on the field under the name of Norcalia at War of Wrath III in a castle battle between Sunspear and the Anduril Empire. In order to prepare for this, Norcalia Moots were formed. Many of the fighters from the Bay Area were very new, and this was a way for more experienced veterans to train newer fighters to work together and be exposed to the kind of fighting they would be facing. The concept of moots has since stuck around in Norcalia, and provides a means to train new fighters in different scenarios they don't see at weekly practices.

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