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The Severed Ear was the first all monster tribe of Dagorhir (Pre-split)and existed in the realm of Dur-Demarion It originally consisted of Soong Toi' Wei, Grim Felltooth, Quan Toi' Wei, Koobok Gna', and Durok. The tribe grew to encompas most of the monsters in the Dur-D area and was given over to Grim Felltooth when Soong and Quan left for more southernly reaches. Grim continued on as War Chief of the Severed Ear until the formation of the Horde. The Dur-Demarion founding tribe was dissolved.

Current Activity When Soong Toi' Wei reached the great western mountains he gathered to himself a new tribe of warriors, and the Severed Ear was re-born. The Severed Ear is currently a unit in the Dagorhir chapter Da Jhur Gah

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