Da Jhur Gah

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Da Jhur Gah as defined by the greenskin races is akin to a spiritual bloodlust. It is the calling of Gruumsh to the Orcs and other green skinned races to fulfill the promise that Gruumsh made to the gods in the Lore of Gruumsh. When Gruumsh feels the time is right,he will lend voice and vision to his Orcs. To the Shaman and the Priest, the Augur and the Hag. All know the dreams and the visions. All know the story of The Jhur' Gah.

In these signs you will know that The Jhur' Gah is upon you.

One will come forth who has the Promise of Grummsh in his head and the word of Grummsh on his lips. He will start life as a slave and become chief of his masters tribe.

Upon the spines of dragons he will start the fire that will ignite the Orcs and their kin. From one to the next the fire will spread until all are singing the chants of war.

The tribes and chiefs will fall to the glory of Grummsh's word and only one thought will remain. Da Jhur' Gah. Driven by the voice of Grummsh himself they will cover the land and take what is theirs and at the end of the world the first to fall will be the sons and daughters of Corellon.

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