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Name: Reverend

Fighting since: 2006

Realm: Ered Duath

Unit: The Forsaken

History: Once a newbie to the sport of Belegarth, Reverend is no stranger to combat. He used to laugh at "those geeks with foam swords" as he drove past the practices. While living in West Yellowstone, Montana, Reverend started a more dangerous and viscious group in 2003-04. Simply called "Combat Night", anything goes. Weapons were never padded and armor was completely optional. It got to the point that Reverend, as organizer, was required to have two certified EMTs on hand every Wednesday night. On a "good" night, two or more broken bones was normal.

Returning to Utah, Reverend missed the excitement and adrenaline of combat. While at work one day, he noticed an associate making some chainmail. Discussions were underway and two weeks later, with The Cricket in hand, Reverend was born.

Despite having been a participant in the sport for 3/4ths of a season, Reverend was elected to the council of Ered Duath at the end of the 2006 season. He served as the primary leader of Ered Duath with the assistance of others for several years. He left Provo shortly after Chaos XIV and moved to California.

For the next few months (8/10-12/10), Reverend was hitting 5-6 practices a week, often traveling 400+ miles in a weekend to attend the various realm practices. He was the definition of a nomad.

Current Activities: Reverend is currently living in Oxnard, CA. With years of experience now under his belt, Reverend considers himself a traveling blade with a base of operations.

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