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The Order of Norcalia was founded January 12th, 2018 at Battle for the Ring X, directly following the Knighting of Sir Juggernaut the Bard. The four founding Peers took their Oath in front of a crowd of event attendees. These were Sir Shatosen the Lucky, Sir Torix the Lightbringer, Sir Bogun Thavron, and Sir Juggernaut the Bard. It currently includes only Knights, but is open to and excited about bringing in Warmasters, Master seneschals and Master Artificers.

Historically, the Knight started as a servant with armor that allowed them to be counted for fighting service. It is our sincere hope to be servants of Norcalia as it struggles to grow and improve; armored with the lessons we have learned and hope to pass on to the next generations of Peers to come after us. We extend that concept internally to include all forms of Peers.

It is very difficult to define what makes one "peer worthy". Whether skill at arms, crafting, event service, or realm building is done under the guise of being a Knight, Warmaster, Master seneschal, Master Artificer or sometimes with no guise at all the peer consistently acts to improve the experiences of others around them. They undertake learning through a difficult student process to learn how to better build our community one moment at a time; improving the community by making it one that draws people in and keeps us all wishing we could just have one more day with the friends we see to little of. They are not perfect and will sometimes err terribly, but they will always strive to make our community a better place for others.

Order of Norcalia - Charter

Mission Statement (Short Form) The Mission of the Order of Norcalia is to serve and support the realms and peoples of Norcalia, to promote a high standard of peerage, and to provide guidance for Peers, Students, and prospective Students of the Order.

Mission Statement (Long form) The Mission of the Order of Norcalia is to serve and support the realms and peoples of Norcalia, to promote a high standard of peerage, and to provide guidance for Peers, Students, and prospective Students of the Order. Our members are oathbound to hold one another accountable to the Code of the Order, to teach and guide those who are interested in peerage, and to support our Students as they walk the path of peerage. We believe that the path of peerage is valuable to the individual, that peerage is valuable to the community, and that Orders of peerage are vital to providing accountability to peers.

Oath I vow to serve the realms and peoples of Norcalia, to hold myself and my peers accountable to the Code of the Order, and to guide and support those on the path of peerage.

Heraldic Blazon

Modern English: Black with a blue (navy) border. A green laurel wreath in the center, surrounded by two armored gold bears facing outwards/away. If the bears have tongues, they are red. Below the wreath/bears is white/silver open tome.

Blazon: Sable, with a bordure Azure. A laurel wreath Vert proper, Surrounded by two armored bears Or addorsed rampant, if langued, langued Gules, above a tome Argent open.

Pledge and Code of Conduct

I pledge to be responsible for my words and actions while attending, teaching, officiating or participating in any medieval sports or events and shall conform my behavior to the following code of conduct:

1. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any player, participant, official or any other attendee and will encourage others to behave likewise.

2. I will not engage in any behavior, whether active or passive, which would endanger the health, safety or well-being of any attendee and will encourage others to behave likewise.

3. I will not officiate or participate in rugged medieval sports activity while impaired in any manner that affects my ability to officiate or participate responsibly and will encourage others to behave likewise.

4. I will treat attendees with courtesy regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or ability and will encourage others to do likewise.

5. I will not use Belegarth, Dagorhir or related activities to push any religious or governmental political agenda.

6. I will make a good faith effort to support the sport and related activities by remaining active and involved to the degree that life reasonably allows.

7. I will consistently honor my word, so that others will know that they may rely upon me to do so.

8. I will take my hits in an honorable fashion, regardless of the behavior or honor of others.

9. I will make a good faith effort to guide the students of the Order in their growth towards peerage.

10. While lessons I provide students may be difficult or even harsh, they will be with purpose and without cruelty.

11. While acting as a weapons checker, herald or in any other official capacity I will not allow the social connections or status of attendees or participants to affect the way in which I fulfill my duties.

12. I will not surrender of my own free will, though I may withdraw for concerns of safety or honor. Losing with courage is acceptable, failing to fight to the end with courage is not.

13. I will encourage the peers of Norcalia to adhere to these same standards of conduct.

14. I am a Norcalian, fighting for the forces of Norcalia, as such I will not take up arms against the Army of Norcalia in any realm battle.

15. I will consistently strive to use garb and weapons of high quality.

16. I will consistently help other fighters in their pursuit of improvement.

17. I will consistently volunteer when the service of volunteers is needed.

18. I will make a good faith effort to support and work with realm leaders and event staff by listening to their concerns, finding ways to support them in their tasks and sharing my insights, knowledge and guidance where it is welcome.

Violations of the Code of Conduct

1. Self-policing is always the preferred method and the group will take actions as a whole only when someone is a repeat problem or severely goes outside acceptable behavior.

2. Another peer giving social cues or coming to us should cover most things. Then the peer fixes themselves and we move on. Peers egregiously violating the code will need more involved courses of action.

3. The first step should always be to start with the peer whose behavior violates the code of conduct, in order to give them a chance to self-correct.

4. On the Rare occurrence of punitive action, it will be motioned, seconded, and voted on with a 2/3 majority required for censure. With censures being discussed prior and being made to fit the violation.

Inclusion of Guilds

1. The Members of the Order of Norcalia will recognize Master Artificers and Master Seneschals of the Belegarth Guilds as “Peers” for all social and ceremonial purposes.

2. As Peers, The Order of Norcalia will consider their admission to the Order in a similar manner that they would a Knight or Warmaster.

3. In the event that a Master comes up for consideration for inclusion, they will be considered, based on the Order’s Code of Conduct and that Master’s dedication to improving and supporting Norcalia and our community. Their combat prowess may be taken into consideration, but should not be a primary focus of assessing their suitability for the Order. The quality of their work as Peers, certainly will be.

4. The Order of Norcalia Peers will maintain a “No-Approach” position when interacting with Student/Journeymen of the guilds in order to ensure that the Peers of the Order do not attempt to “poach” from the Guilds while they are on their paths in the Guild.

5. If a Peer is approached by a Student/Journeyman of a Guild Master, it is assumed that the Student is interested in the path that the respected Peer is on, and is willing to do these tasks side by side. The Peer will not accept the Student without discussing it with the Student’s current Peer first. If the current Peer agrees to this Co-Peerage path, the Order Peer will not have violated the “no-approach” rule.

Student Requirements

Members of The Order of Norcalia look for the following things in Students that they take:

1. Actively volunteers to herald at events, when needed

2. Consistently volunteers at weapons check, when needed

3. Has participated in troll at least once

4. Has otherwise assisted an event (feast, setup, security, safe people, teardown, etc.) at least once

5. Has participated in other service events (build days, recruitment fairs, etc.) at least once

6. Has been in the sport for no less than 2 years

7. Attends practices with consistency 2 times per month

8. Has 10 fighting days’ worth of event experience (partial arrival / departure days do not count)

9. Has positive interactions with the community, as demonstrated by feedback from them

10. Knows roughly what a Peer is, has explored other paths than the one they wish to pursue, that the path is about service and personal growth, and not about personal gain

11. Must pass a test of understanding of rules

12. Has built 1 passing weapon of quality

13. Has read the Book of War and Manual of Arms multiple times

14. Must be able to identify some heraldry

15. Has sewn a tabard of reasonable quality (guidance from an expert is acceptable)

16. Knows that they want more than to simply participate in the sport and have the desire to actively improve the sport

17. Must consistently act in an honorable fashion, as determined by discussion and feedback solicited from members of the Order

18. Possesses garb exceeding the minimal expectations of the rules of the sport

19. Must be good in a single weapon style

20. Assists the realm(s) that they are a part of

21. Must be able to teach a new fighter with enough patience to allow field participation, as determined by discussion and feedback solicited from members of the Order

22. Shows the potential to communicate well in a leadership manner

23. Must be able to explain the sport

24. Must be self-motivated and have the patience to learn even when they think they know better, as determined by discussion and feedback solicited from members of the Order

Order’s Role in Granting Peerage

1. The Order does not grant peerage

2. Whenever an Order Member seeks to grant peerage, two votes are forced to occur:

 a.	A vote for the Order Member to grant peerage.
   i.	This vote shall not apply to the following nationally standardized peerages: Artificer Guild, Seneschal Guild.
 b.	A vote for the new peer to join the Order, if they desire

3. If the vote to grant peerage (2.a) fails and the Order Member grants peerage anyway, another vote is forced to occur:

 a.	A vote to eject that peer from the Order.

Multiple Order Membership A peer in the Order of Norcalia or seeking to join the Order of Norcalia may maintain or seek membership in an extraneous order if the following requirements are met:

1. When a member of the Order of Norcalia seeks membership in an extraneous order, they must declare their proposed membership in the extraneous order as either a Voting Member, or a Non-Voting Advisor.

 a.	Following this declaration, a one-week (7 day) discussion period will begin to allow for discussion and inspection of the extraneous order’s charter and goals.
 b.	At the end of this week-long discussion period, a week-long period to vote on the proposed membership will begin.

2. The Order of Norcalia must approve Non-Voting Advisor status or Voting Membership in any extraneous order of Peerage by a ⅔ vote.

 a.	If the vote to be a Non-Voting Advisor or a Voting Member in the extraneous order fails and there is evidence that the Order Member does so anyway, another vote is forced to occur each time there is evidence that they have done so:
   i.	A vote to eject that peer from the Order. This Vote would re-occur with each violation.
   ii.	All available evidence should be made available to all voting members prior to the vote.

3. Members of the Order of Norcalia that are Non-Voting Advisors to an extraneous order are not permitted to wear the extraneous Order’s heraldry.

 a. 	Clearly delineated partial symbols are acceptable.

4. The Order of Norcalia has a set of standards that are expected to be maintained by all members - Membership in extraneous orders is not sufficient excuse to fall below these standards. The Peer will be expected to meet all expectations of the Order where applicable as outlined in the Charter of the Order of Norcalia.

5. The Order of Norcalia has a set of expectations for Students of Peers of the Order. Students are expected to meet these expectations where applicable regardless of their region, path, or other order affiliations.

 a.	Any exceptions to these expectations shall be brought before the Order by the Peer and passed by a ⅔ vote prior to implementing the exception.

6. The total number of Voting Memberships in extraneous orders in the Order of Norcalia may not exceed 40% of the number of voting Peers of the Order of Norcalia, rounded down.

 a.	Non-Voting Advisorship to extraneous orders do not count against the available Voting Memberships.
 b.	In the event a new member joins the Order of Norcalia, the number of available Voting Memberships in extraneous orders are calculated as though the new member had already been admitted to the Order of Norcalia. 
 c.	 If the percentage of members in extraneous orders would exceed 40% with the addition of the new member, the member is given the option to drop their existing order(s) or become a Non-Voting Advisor to their existing order(s).
   i.	If the candidate chooses not to drop their existing order(s), the vote does not proceed and the candidacy of the member will not be considered until one of the following conditions is met:
     1). The candidate chooses to publicly drop their existing order affiliation(s).
     2). The candidate chooses to publicly become a Non-Voting Advisor to their existing order(s)
     3). The number of extraneous order Voting Memberships change such that the candidate’s membership would not push the total percentage of Voting Memberships beyond 40% 

________________________________________ Definitions Voting Memberships: The total number of memberships in extraneous orders that are permissible within the order of Norcalia. This number may not exceed 40% of voting peers of the Order of Norcalia, rounded down. Voting Member: A Peer in the Order of Norcalia who is also eligible to vote in one or more extraneous orders. Voting members count once against the total number of Voting Memberships available FOR EACH EXTRANEOUS ORDER to which they belong in a voting capacity. Non-Voting Advisor: A Peer in the Order of Norcalia who participates in an extraneous order in a non-voting, advisory capacity. Each additional Non-Voting Advisorship must be approved by the order. Non-Voting Advisorships do not count against the total Voting Membership. ________________________________________ Therefore, a single member who was in two extraneous orders would take up 2, not just one of the available slots. An example. We if had 12 voting peer members, there would be 12 * 0.4 = 4.8 = 4 slots. 2 of these slots would be taken up by Sir Torix and Sir Shato as Voting members in the KotWF. It does not matter that it is the same extraneous order, each of us as separate people take up a slot.

The following is what we look for in our students to know that they are ready to become peers. Some will be better or worse at many of these things than others, but they should be competent in all of them and shown that competence with some consistency.

They should be frequently seen checking weapons and heralding at the events they attend, repeatedly supported the tasks surrounding feast and have the knowledge to run Troll in an efficient and planned manner.

As the set up and tear down of events is always a difficult and busy time filled with challenges that must be met in order to have events, we look for them to have repeatedly helped with tear down and set up.

The same is true of all the small ways a person can assist at an event. Parking, security, acting as a known safe person, and a dozen other small tasks that often go overlooked and forgotten but are key to the event running well.

Has been on event staff; head of any position or EC twice.

We expect them to have been in the sport for 5 years, attending 2 practices or events per month, with consistent event attendance (as defined by their peer). While participating, we expect them to develop positive renown with community and to actively promote the enjoyment of the sport.

They must have an informed perspective of what a Peer of this Order is. Must have gone on a pilgrimage, attending national events outside of California, to actively seek out other perspectives of Peerage and challenging their own.

They must have demonstrated the knowledge of heralding and rules by passing the presidential marshal’s exam and demonstrating a working knowledge of the differences between Bel and Dag.

Have a strong understanding of modern weapon crafting materials and Build one of each of the weapon types, including one high-quality weapon. While a student, they should have read at least 5 books that have meaningfully contributed to their personal growth. Generally related topic may include; legalities, medicine and philosophy of sports and violence.

We expect them to have an understanding of tradition and heraldry and its functional use. Must have their own heraldry.

We expect them to have built at least 1 piece of high-quality armor that they enjoy wearing, and sewn a full kit of reasonable quality garb.

They should own a full set of peer-worthy garb.

They need to be knowledgeable about levels of involvement in the sport: their own personal tolerance level, maintainable level, minimal level, and know when to get help. They must have an active commitment to the sport.

By the time they are done with their student process, we expect them to be able to build a realm out of nothing. While doing so is certainly not required having the knowledge to do so is.

They must have unwavering and inspiring honor; effectively and respectfully communicating with other combatants and heralds.

Must have control of passions and temper.

They must be able to realize, accept, and apologize for their mistakes, and positively receive and respond to feedback. They may never accept or use the excuse of another's poor honor to justify bad honor.

They must show that they know that winning is a secondary objective of the game.

Off of the filed we expect generally ethical behavior and for them to be excellent communicators of their perspective.

They must be a significant threat in their primary style of fighting, a threat in their secondary style and competent in all equipment, offensive and defensive. Additionally, they must be able to communicate with and lead 9 or more fighters. (Knights and War Masters)

They must be a tangible boon to at least 2 realms of Norcalia and Known and respected in all of Norcalia.

They should be recognized at larger events and a consistent source of welcoming, positive experiences for new fighters. They should use communication to support and bring the community together.

They must be easily taught and consistently and independently seek personal growth.

They should have a practiced pitch to explain the sport to a variety of audiences and be able to teach all pieces of equipment safely and proficiently.

They must be able to teach new fighters, consistently teach and be able to produce a sizeable list of fighters that they have personally assisted.

They must be able to teach how to teach.

Finally, of course, they must pass a vote of The Peers of The Order.






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