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Faelindír at Ocktoberfest 2022, photo credit Lore Keeper Photography

Faelindír Leithiavúl (real name Lucas Pattison; he/him/his) is an Sergeant and Sentinel of the Rangers of Ithilien of the realm of the Northern Steppes. He is responsible for the combatants and combatant pursuits of the White Company




  • Sergeant and Sentinel of the White Company
  • Cornë aka Loaf
  • Sacúl





Faelindír Leithiavul at Return 2 Moria 2022, Photo Credit Silverleaf Photography

Slave and a Stranger

“Arat bime cilme.” This is the motto that I now live my life according to. It is what guides my blade, sets the path of my journey, and is that which defines who I am.

My story begins at the age of 15, in a land removed from the troubles of this world, but not without its own strife. I was born to wealthy nobles who made their living off of a bustling slave trade endorsed by the king our nation. The economy ran on the back of slavery. Weekly sales were conducted and rarely were any slaves left to buy as the day came to a close.

It was on one of these days where I encountered my future mentor and friend for the first time. I was at the slave trade with my parents. They were looking to buy a number of slaves in order to bolster the remaining count, most of which had died from starvation and being overworked. My parents didn’t care, and nor did I. These people were little more than tools. As we approached the vendor to make our selections, I spotted a hooded man off to the side of the road. He appeared ragged, as if he had spent a long time in the wilds, but under the raggedness was an air of confidence and quiet strength, and I immediately knew that this man could be dangerous, if it were necessary. My parents seemed to notice him too, and kept closely to the opposite side of the road. After the purchase was made, we headed back home, and I, to my lessons.

I had a penchant for swordplay, and after witnessing an altercation between myself and another boy my age, my parents had thought it wise for me to learn the art of dueling. I was naturally gifted and a quick study and soon found that people around me were unable to keep up. The coach himself began to struggle against me, and as my skill and confidence grew, so too did my arrogance. I began to carry my weapon with me at all times, a symbol not only of status, but of threat. I was not to be trifled with, and anyone who dared to do so risked the steel of my blade.

I was about my family’s estate the day my life would be changed forever. I was sent to inspect the progress on a new mill that was to be used exclusively for my family and their guests. It was, of course, being built by the slaves that we owned. As I entered the fencing denoting the location of this new mill, a slave child ran into me with force and knocked me over. As I gathered myself and looked up, it was a young slave, likely no older than thirteen years of age. He had a look of terror and penitance on his face, as he should after barreling into a noble.

I stood, and in anger I raised my hand, but my strike to the child was instead blocked by another slave. The man, clearly the young slaves father, told me it was just an accident, that his son was working hard, and that he didn’t need to be punished. I responded that he should be punished instead, as it was his spawn that caused me offense, and drew my rapier from its scabbard, intent on punishing this man. As I struck, my blow was once again blocked, but not by the slave. Before me was a rugged looking man in a hooded cloak. I had not seen a weapon drawn, but my sword was diverted elsewhere. I roared at this man to tell me who he was and who he thought he was to be stopping me, but he only looked at me with cold conviction in his eyes and responded that I will not be harming anyone today.

I was in disbelief that some stranger would stop me, a member of nobility, from dealing with MY property. Knowing my skill, I was sure I could cut this man down and continue with my day. My anger was directed away from the slaves and focused on this hooded man in front of me. I attacked him with strikes directed at his shoulders and head, but he easily avoided each attack. In a rage, I thrust my rapier at his heart, but as the blade reached him he stepped beneath it, jerked his left arm upward towards my wrist, and his open right palm struck me directly in the center of my chest. My rapier was sent flying through the air, and I doubled over in pain.

“You’re not too bad, kid. You should hone that skill for something of use.”

What is a Noble

Faelindír and Berenor at Ocktoberfest, photo credit Lore Keeper Photography

As the man said these words, I saw a flash of leather and silver emerge from his hip, and felt a painful crack on the side of my head. The last thing I saw as I blacked out was the slave boy and his father, looking on with relief.

I awoke to the sound of that man speaking to my parents. I was sure he was going to tell them what happened, but to my shock, he told them that I had an accident and was attacked by an animal on the edge of the property, and that when he rushed in to fend off the animal, the slave boy and his father were the ones to pull me to safety. To this day, I don’t know what convinced him to protect me, but that day changed my life.

My parents had decided that it was unsafe for me to be on the edge of the property without training, so they took on the man as my trainer and mentor. I was angry at first, but as I spent more and more time with the man, I began to learn and grow, not only as a fighter, but as a human as well. Moreover, the young boy and his father that the man had saved from me had been offered to the man as personal servants, and though he did not use them as such, they did tend to us when we needed them. As a result, the boy and I ended up becoming friends, and as time passed, he would be someone I came to call a brother.

But as happens for many of us who choose this life, tragedy struck.

On the night that set my path and changed my outlook on everything, I was awoken by my teacher.

“Get up, quickly!” the man said to me. I could hear the worry and urgency in his voice. I arose and dressed as fast as I could. “We have to leave. I’ve packed what you need.”

“What’s going-”, a sudden crash stopped my question short. I looked out the window of my room and saw a chaotic mess. I could hear screams of anger and cries of joy at the same time. One of the slave quarters was on fire, and people were running away as fast as they could. I couldn’t look away. What had happened?

“There’s no time, we have to go!” The man’s voice snapped me back into the moment. I hastily put on my boots and began out the door after the man, the pack he had filled for me slung over my shoulder. We reached the ground floor of the house and opened the door. The cries and screams that I heard earlier were clearer outside, and I was able to make out the figure of someone laying on the ground. Before the man could stop me, I ran over to make sure they were alright. I reached the body, but as I went to turn them over it was cold to the touch. In the dark, I couldn’t make out who it was, but the fire from the slave quarters flared up and I was able to make out the face.

My body went cold and I froze as I distinguished the boy I called my brother.

“W-why” my eyes were wide with terror and grief as I looked back at the man.”Why is he...”

“He stood up to the owners. Someone had accused his father of attacking the mistress.” I noticed how the man chose to refer to my parents as the owners, and not as my parents. “They were trying to kill his father, and he stepped in. They killed him and his father as retribution for the accusations.”

A dark shadow fell across the man’s face, and I sensed the fury he was holding underneath.

“I saw it happen, and I’m done allowing it here. I broke the slaves out and set the quarters aflame, and we’re leaving.

“But...” I looked around at the chaos “this is my home, my family is...”

As I thought back to everything that led to this moment, I realized just how far apart from my blood family I had grown. The only family I cared about was either lying dead in my arms or standing before me urging us to leave.

I tried to stand, but I couldn’t. I was still in shock, and I didn’t want to leave my brother. The man reached down and offered his hand. “I know it’s hard, but there’s nothing we can do for him, except keep fighting to end all this” the man said, a sense of pain in his voice. It sounded like this wasn’t the first time he had spoken these words.

I finally mustered the strength to move my hand, but as I reached out, I saw a flash of silver protrude suddenly out of the man’s chest.

I heard the voice of my father behind the man.

“I heard everything. So you’re behind this.” he said to the man, coldly.

“Get...away.” The man was looking directly at me as he fought to get the words out.

I watched in horror and rage as my father placed his foot on the back of the man and pushed him off the blade. His body made a thud as he hit the ground, and laid motionless. The man would never have been taken by surprise like that. I had seen him defend himself from sneak attacks many times. The only difference was that this time, he was trying to help me.

“Well, now that that’s over you can help me clean up this mess.” My father was wiping his sword on the clothes of the man that had been my mentor.

“This... mess?” I said, anger bubbling up in my chest. I saw the body of my brother and my mentor, lying motionless and my father standing with his bloodied sword above both of them.

“This MESS was caused by you. They’re dead, because of you!” I screamed at him.

“And? They were nobody. We- you and I -are nobles, we don’t need to bother with lesser people.”

“And what is noble about this?” I replied. People I loved are lying dead by your hand, and you’re acting like it doesn’t matter.

My father shrugged, brushing off my statement. “They’re not your family, forget them. This is unbecoming of someone with noble blood.”

“Forget blood. If this is what it means to be nobility, then I renounce it. I renounce you, this family, and this land. I am no longer noble by blood, but by choice alone.”

With that, I turned and walked away, with my father screaming my name behind me, demanding I return. To this day, I still have not been back to that land. I took refuge in the wood on the edges of the border, and spent my days traveling west, the direction my mentor had come from. I honed my skills with the bow, hunting food and game, all while searching for something, but what I didn’t know. In my journey, I encountered a group of men, clad in green, who exuded the same air of confidence and quiet strength that I first noticed from my mentor.

The Rangers of Ithilien


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