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The Morningstar Order's standard.



The Morningstar Order is a knightly order, named for the breaking of first light and the renewal that each dawn brings. It is focused on breaking the chains of self doubt and elevating all of its members into better fighters, friends and people. It was originally founded by Carden Coburn and Kaladin in an attempt to create an outpost for potential fighters in Camp Pendleton, California. The group functions as an egalitarian democracy where no one has any more say in the group than the others. It previously served the realm of Andor, but as of 2016, relocated to the fledgling realm of Blackfen, where it served as a foundational structure to aid the growth of the realm. The unit hopes to serve as a knightly representation for southern Indiana, a typically under-served area.

Mission Statement

Per the Morningstar Order Unit Charter:

It is the mission of the Morningstar Order, herein referred to as The Order, to instill a sense of community, collaboration, valor and nobility to those who so choose to join it. The Order will establish a horizontal structure for all members, who will be primarily focused on martial studies and weapon smithing.



April 23, 2014

The group was founded after some initial thought of roughly two weeks. The two founders (Carden Coburn and Kaladin) talked with those who displayed interest and thus the unit was formed, while no standard or insignia had been created. The unit would be a group where people living in the area (Camp Pendleton) could come to learn, build and train together. The preliminary group was established with four members and a potential of several more. The following year, both the founders' military obligations lead them away from focus on Belegarth and the unit died down for some time until Kaladin's departure. The unit dwindled with no real direction and the following year, both founders had left the Southern California region.


June 15, 2016

After the departure of Kaladin and Carden Coburn from Camp Pendleton, leadership was handed over to Carden, who relocated to southern Indiana. Due to logistical constraints, he was unable to fully focus his efforts on reviving the unit. It was then that the unit went into hiatus where it remained until its revitalization a few years later.


January 16, 2020

It took Carden a few years to gather the supplies, knowledge and logistical infrastructure necessary to fully take on revitalizing the unit and found a new realm simultaneously. During the first year of revitalization, the Unit Charter was written, and the first group of Indiana members were recruited. While no members at the time were Knights as ordained by way of BMCS tradition, the hierarchical structures were created and the unit began to blossom. With the advent of the COVID-19 virus, realm and unit operations halted as the kingdom waited for the plague to burn out. A few wrenches were thrown in the gears, but the unit remained hopeful and positive.

Knights of Dawn


(Quoted from the Unit Charter, Article 1, Section 5: Squireship)

       5.1. There are two levels of squireship in the Morningstar Order:
           5.1.1. Page
           5.1.2. Squire
       5.2. After initiation, one may approach a current Knight of Dawn and inquire about becoming a squire. 
           5.2.1. Squires should elect to squire under a knight whose values they reflect and hope to learn from.
           5.2.2. This is a relationship of mutual respect as teacher and student, not subordination. 
       5.3. Knights may only have two squires at any given time.
       5.4. If a knight elects to take one on as their student, they will be considered a squire.
       5.5. If a knight cannot accept new squires, the aspirant will seek to become a page under a current squire.
           5.5.1. This is a relationship of mutual respect as teacher and student, not subordination.
           5.5.2. One will stay a page until an opening for squire becomes available.
       5.6. Squireship is not a binding agreement and any party may leave at any time for any reason. The only rule is that no one is coerced into maintaining a fruitless relationship.


(Quoted from the Unit Charter, Article 1, Section 6: Knighthood)

       6.1. Wanting to be a Knight of Dawn should not be inspired by wanting to be better than anyone. It is a position in the Order that allows you to feel like you are elevated through self-actualization and empowerment.
       6.2. Knights are voluntary positions where it is expected from each knight to the rest to give it your all and devote yourself to your comrades and the values of the Order. Knights of Dawn will not demand respect from their compatriots and they will not behave in an elitist way.
       6.3. Being a knight tells the Realm of Blackfen and Belegarth at large “I am one who embodies the values and virtues of the Morningstar Order.” It does not tell them “I am better than you because I am a knight and you are not.”
       6.4. Knighthood may be revoked at any time via a consensus decision made by the Order at large.

Trials of the Dawnbreaker

(Quoted from the Unit Charter, Article 1, Section 7: Knightly Trials)

       7.1. After at least six months as a squire, one must undergo the Trials of the Dawnbreaker to become a knight.
       7.2. It could take weeks or months to fully undergo the Trials.
       7.3. The Trials of the Dawnbreaker have four parts:
           7.3.1. The Sun’s Ancient Wisdom: Quiz based on the Book of War, 50 questions. Must pass with a grade of 80%.
           7.3.2. Dawn’s Warming Embrace: Volunteer at least: 20 times within the Order, 15 times in the Realm of Blackfen, or 10 times within their communities.
           7.3.3. Might of Aurora's Light: A series of duels in which the squire will duel their mentoring knight ten (10) times. They must win at least four (4) out of ten (10) duels to pass.
           7.3.4. The First Light’s Clarity: squire must lead a small team of five against another team of five and win. Only one attempt can be made per practice. Teams assigned at random via lots.
       7.4. Upon successful completion of the Trials of the Dawnbreaker, the squire will present themselves to the whole assembly.
       7.5. In front of all their peers, they must swear the “Oath of the Morningstar.”
       7.6. They will kneel before their fellow knights to swear their oath. Their fellow knights will return the acceptance of “May dawn’s light guide your path, noble knight”. Upon standing, the squire has been ordained by the whole Order as a Knight of Dawn to serve in the Realm of Blackfen.
       7.7. After being ordained, the new knight must run The Gauntlet.
       7.8. Once the Gauntlet is completed, the knight has been fully inducted.

The Oath of the Morningstar

The Oath

Dictated by all available knights of the unit, repeated by the squire to be knighted:

       "Under the morning’s first light, I, (Fighter Name), pledge my life. I am of the Morningstar, guardian of dawn. These things I do swear:
       To always shine the light of hope in times of darkness,
       To always uphold the tenets of the Morningstar,
       To defend the innocent and the vulnerable with unwavering courage,
       To vanquish evil wherever it may lurk,
       To protect the realm from all manner of threats,
       To embodying the virtues of honor, integrity, and compassion,
       To stand united with my comrades in arms, bound by the bonds of loyalty and camaraderie,
       And to dedicate my life to the pursuit of justice, righteousness, and the greater good of all.
       May the light of the Morningstar guide my path, and may my sword remain ever ready to defend the realm and its people, until my last breath and beyond."

The Return

Dictated acceptance of the squire's oath, knighting them:

       “May dawn’s light guide your path, noble knight.”


A full member is classified as: one who is a member of Blackfen, an initiated member of the Order, maintains 50% attendance rate on average, and has no negative flags against them in BMCS or the realm at large.

Current Members

Carden Coburn

Arthur Coburn




Contact Info


Mobile: (502)936-3880

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