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The North Star Order's standard.



The North Star Order is an order of noble fighters and knights from all various backgrounds. Its mission is "to instill a sense of chivalry, camaraderie, achievement and honor to those who so choose to join it. The Order will establish a ranked structure both for leadership as well as regular forces, whose focus will be primarily the martial studies inside BMCS." It was originally founded by Carden Coburn and Kaladin in an attempt to create an outpost for potential fighters in Camp Pendleton, California. The group functions as an egalitarian democracy where no one has any more say in the group than the others. It previously served the realm of Andor, but as of 2016, relocated to the fledgling realm of Blackfen, where it served as a foundational structure to aid the growth of the realm. The unit hopes to serve as a knightly representation for southern Indiana, a typically under-served area.

Mission Statement

Per the North Star Order Unit Charter:

It is the mission of the North Star Order, herein referred to as The Order, to instill a sense of chivalry, camaraderie, achievement and honor to those who so choose to join it. The Order will establish a ranked structure both for ordained knighthood as well as regular fighters, whose focus will be primarily the martial studies inside BMCS as well as artificing weaponry according to the Book of War.



April 23, 2014

The group was founded after some initial thought of roughly two weeks. The two founders (Carden Coburn and Kaladin) talked with those who displayed interest and thus the unit was formed, while no standard or insignia had been created. The unit would be a group where people living in the area (Camp Pendleton) could come to learn, build and train together. The preliminary group was established with four members and a potential of several more. The following year, both the founders' military obligations lead them away from focus on Belegarth and the unit died down for some time until Kaladin's departure. The unit dwindled with no real direction and the following year, both founders had left the Southern California region.


June 15, 2016

After the departure of Kaladin and Carden Coburn from Camp Pendleton, leadership was handed over to Carden, who relocated to southern Indiana. Due to logistical constraints, he was unable to fully focus his efforts on reviving the unit. It was then that the unit went into hiatus where it remained until its revitalization a few years later.


January 16, 2020

It took Carden a few years to gather the supplies, knowledge and logistical infrastructure necessary to fully take on revitalizing the unit and found a new realm simultaneously. During the first year of revitalization, the Unit Charter was written, and the first group of Indiana members were recruited. While no members at the time were Knights as ordained by way of BMCS tradition, the hierarchical structures were created and the unit began to blossom. With the advent of the COVID-19 virus, realm and unit operations halted as the kingdom waited for the plague to burn out. A few wrenches were thrown in the gears, but the unit remained hopeful and positive.

Rank Structure

Line Fighters

Name - Description - Belt Flag

Initiate - uninitiated, walk-on or accessory members start here

R1 initiate.png

Lineman/Linewoman - after initiation, members are promoted to this rank. Most members will remain in this rank.

R2 lineman.png

Corporal - If enough time has passed and the unit feels as though a member is a fit for leadership, they will nominate names to the Sergeants for selection for this rank.

R3 corporal.png

Sergeant - Selected by Officers to lead Corporals and Linemen.

R4 sergeant.png

First Sergeant - Sergeant elected by the unit to lead Sergeants. This is the only elected position for the regular forces.

R5 firstsergeant.png


Page - Reserved for those who wish to follow the path of Knighthood but are too young or inexperienced to serve as a Squire. They will remain as a Page until of age and selected by a Knight for Squireship. One can remain in the Line Fighter hierarchy while serving as Page.

K1 page.png

Squire - When a member feels as though they would like to serve as a Knight of the Order, they may approach a Knight and declare as such. If the Knight feels as though the member has served diligently and is a good candidate, they may accept them as Squire.

K2 squire.png

Knight Errant - After a calendar year as a squire, Officers may be approached by a Squire and declare themselves ready for Trial. After completing the True North Trials, a Squire has earned the title of Knight Errant. Knights Errant are probationary positions and serve as junior Officers and direct commanders in training. They are not assigned official leadership positions in battle.

K3 errant.png

Knight of the Order - After their probationary stint as a Knight Errant, and Command has determined that the member will make a suitable Knight, they are promoted to reflect. All the basic requirements of a Knight Errant will continue to be met, but Knights are assigned leadership positions within the unit and will serve as such in battle.

K4 knight.png


These are all the officiating positions, aside from

Knight Lieutenant - the Order maintains two elected Lieutenants who serve as leaders of Knights and as exemplary members of the Order. They maintain lists of members, inventory as well as see to the accomplishment of matters of discipline.

K5 lieutenant.png

Knight Captain - the Knight Captain is an elected position whose job is to see to the execution of plans decided in War Council and to fill the spaces that the Commander cannot, and fill in for the Commander when they are not available.

K6 captain.png

Knight Commander - the Knight Commander is an elected official who spearheads the Order and serves as both a figurehead, a director and a planner. They direct the vision of the Order and coordinate events, training schedules and ratify any potential changes to the Charter.

K7 commander.png


A full member is classified as: one who is a member of Blackfen, a member of the Order, maintains 50% attendance rate on average, and maintains the required equipment as designated by the Unit Charter.

Current Members

Carden Coburn - First Sergeant, Page

Arthur Coburn - Sergeant, Page

Night - Lineman, Page

Freya - Linewoman

Nameless - Lineman, Page

Skullcrusher - Lineman, Page

Contact Info

Carden Coburn - First Sergeant

Arthur Coburn - Sergeant


Mobile: (760)792-7382

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