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The Menegroth Hammer

A member of Eriador.



Menegroth began as a sub-realm in North-Central Iowa after the 2010 Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities. Founded by Valin Phanuel, with help from Sif and Simeown. Originally named Urbem Stygias, this fledgling realm stayed intact until the departure of Valin and Simeown. The remaining members banded together, with guidance from Valin, and became something new. They took the name Menegroth and have been working to expand the realm and boost awareness of Belegarth in North Iowa. In 2015 Menegroth founded the NIACC Foam Fight Club.


All practices are held at the NIACC Rec Center unless otherwise stated on Facebook.
Mondays: 4:30-6:30ish
Fridays: 3-5ish

Contact us through Facebook, or email at


Total: ~20
Per Practice: 10—12

The Council

King: Sif
Treasurer: Orion Fubar
Head Marshal: Torvald Grimfate
Steward: Skogen

Current Members With Wiki Pages


Former Members With Wiki Pages

Valin Phanuel, Simeown

Hosted Events

Wreck The Halls
Monster Mash IV
Monster Mash V
Wreck the Halls V

Attended Events

Armageddon XV, XVI
Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities 10-12
Tir Asleen Halloween Event 11, 14, 15, 16
June Eriador Event 2012
Oktoberfest 14, 15, 16, 17
Wolfpack Opener 15, 16
Monster Mash, II, III
Melacaorme Q, BS
Spring Wars 16, 17

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