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Melcaorme 2024: RAWR!ing 20's

Melcaorme is back! After the plague was cured last year, the magic used to cure the land caused a rift in time. Strange visitors from across time have appeared and are looking for a fight!

Date: May 16th-19th, 2024
Location: Tosanak Recreational Area, Marble Rock, Iowa

  • Thursday: $35
  • Friday: $30
  • Saturday: $25
  • Day trip: $10
  • Children 15 and under: Free
  • $5 discount for Pre-Registration

Attendance: TBD

Event Coordinators

Event Head: Squire Angus, Braizen
Heads of Weapons Check: Squire Elyas
Heads of Troll: Shyft
Heads of Security: Kracht
Heads of Nightlife: Potato
Heads of Heralding: Squire X
Head of Childcare: Mynnix


To Be Announced!

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