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General Information

MDAKS is a "buddy unit" created by Matthias, Slagar. Horus, Angelus, Môrgan and Agnarr for Octoberfest 2008. It's pretty much a joke unit. The only reason it's not entirely a joke unit is that sometimes it's "members" do, in fact, fight together.

Many have asked what MDAKS stands for; unfortunately, its members won't tell you what it means. If asked, most will just say something along the lines of "If you don't know, you don't need to know." Thus, save yourself the trouble and don't bother asking.


Shortly before Octoberfest 2008, Matthias, Slagar, and Horus found themselves unit-less, as the Uruk-Hai had essentially left Numenor, and Matthias left Heideron upon the resignation of it's founder and leader, Mac, whilst Angel was considering leaving House Dregoth, and Môrgan had yet to decide to join any unit at all.

Slagar had suggested creating a new unit, but Matthias pointed out that units were a lot of work, so they decided to create a "joke unit", so that they could fight under a banner, but no one really had to give a shit about it. And so, nothing really happened.

One day in class, Slagar decided he was bored and drew a design for a crest, the Numenor star above a crossed axe and quill, symbolizing the units origin in the realm of Numenor, and the combination of might and intellect, (similar to the University of Illinois' "Labor and Learning" symbols, though this was probably mostly subconscious).

The plan was simply to camp and fight together, under one banner, for Octoberfest, so that they didn't need to fight with the reject group during unit battles. So Matthias and Slagar suggested that Horus and Angel tag along. Môrgan, who was the love slave of Slagar at the time, offered to make belt flags for everyone, and so the unit was formed.

At troll, upon arrival to Octoberfest 2008, each member claimed "unit-less" when prompted by Agnarr, who was working registration. Being ever the jester, he then said "Okay, then I'm writing you down as part of my fake unit 'the Murder, Death, Assassination, Kill Squad'." When all members had set up their tents, and gotten cozy, they began lamenting how Agnarr was forced to camp with Heideron, even though he was also considering leaving it, dissatisfied with the leadership since Mac's resignation. They began to bounce around the idea of adding Agnarr to their joke unit, and using the name of his fake unit, MDAKS, as a sort of merger of the two.

It was Môrgan's idea to kidnap Agnarr's tent and move it over to their own campsite, and so Horus, and Angel joined her, sneaking into Heideron camp, picking up the tent, everything still inside, and quickly transporting it to MDAKS camp. Agnarr, spotting this from the field, ran over to his commandeered tent, arriving just as it was placed down on the ground, bewildered, and amused, but overall grateful. The merger was completed.

A final decree was made, the only rule for belonging in MDAKS was that all members had to be friends outside of the sport.


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