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The Order of Knighthood was first institued in Gwynedd by Queen Rayne in 1982. This makes it one of the oldest Knightly traditions in Belegarth, if not the oldest.


The Way of The Chosen

To be a Knight of Gwynedd:

I. The candidate must be Christian. Though Pagan knights exist from early in the kingdom's history, non-Christians are no longer permitted to incept as knights by proclamation of King Owen and the Royal Council.

II. The person, be he male or female, must first become a Squire to a recognized Knight of the Realm to begin his/her training. Until such time as he/she has earned the title of Knight he/she will be known as a Squire.

III. The training of a Squire shall last a minimum of two years, in which time he/she must learn the following proficiencies:

  • A) Three weapon combinations, one of which must be sword and shield. The other two are the decision of the Knight and his/her Squire. The only exceptions to this are the flail and coreless shields. These arms has been outlawed by a vote of the Knights' Council.
  • B) Three non-weapon proficiencies that are the choice of the squire and his/her Knight. Examples are bardic skills, language skills (most notably Latin so the the knight can run the mass or Futhark to understand the Kinsmen), leathercraft, woodworking, mead or beer making (very important) etc.
    • a) Some non-weapon proficiencies are mandatory, and so do not count toward this total. These include but are not limited to: Unit History, Lineage History, and Weapon/Armour/Garb Making (though exceptional talent in any of these fields may substitute for a NWP).
  • C) A Knight may make any additional requirements he/she sees fit for the training of a squire. These requirements do not count toward either proficiency set.

IV. The Squire must have a strong presence on the battlefield. He/she must be able to lead the unit into battle, and have the faith of the unit so that they will follow him/her as they would any Kensman or Knight.

V. Upon attainment of these skills the Squire must also show that he/she is loyal to the Crown. All titles come from the King, and in this they must give unto the King an Oath of Fealty and swear to serve the Crown above all. This includes against enemies both foreign and domestic, even fellow knights or clansmen. No one comes before the Crown and no sacrifice is too large for the Kingdom. There are no friends when the Kingdom is threatened from within or from without.

VI. The Squire is then called before his/her clan and asked to trace his/her house lineage back through the course of Gwyneddian history. He/she must also know the name and place of each household in the nobility of Gwynedd. In this we honor our past and we learn wisdom from those who are our ancestors.

VII. When, after the two-year period, the Squire has performed all of the above, the Council of Knights shall be held and upon their approval the Squire shall be allowed to ascend to the rank of Knight.

Orders of Knighthood

The Kingdom recognizes two Orders of Knighthood within the realm. Membership in either of these Orders is neither obligatory nor automatic, though many Gwyneddian knights can be numbered within their ranks.

Order of St. Michael and of St. George

This order of knighthood is the oldest in the Kingdom and Dagorhir; it has served and protected the Kingdom in its times of darkness and in its times of peace. These brave knights have given their very lives time and time again to defend the realm and its people.

This order has its roots buried in the Church of Gwynedd and serves this institution, second only to the Crown. For this reason membership is limited only to Roman Catholics. They are the most noble and brave knights known to man. A more pious Order of Knights has never existed in the realm of Aratari. They not only defend the realm and Church, but also carry the word of our Lord and Savior across the world. They live by a code and instill this in all their members, and have done so since their inception. This code holds this group together and makes them a brotherhood the likes of no other.

Code of the Order:

  • Serve the Crown unto death.
  • Protect the weak.
  • Champion justice against injustice and evil.
  • Love the homeland.
  • Defend the Church, even at the risk of death.

Order of the Dragon

This is the most noble of the Orders of Chivalry of Gwynedd. To attain this order, in and upon itself, is so rare that few have ever maintained this title. The Order of the Dragon is a group of Knights whose only purpose is to defend the King of Gwynedd. In their ranks only the King's champion may hold this title, or Champions of the past.

Code of the Order:

  • Serve the Crown unto death.
  • Protect the Royal Family.
  • Champion the King's Justice
  • Defend the Kingdom's honor.


  • Sir Talon Haldane
  • Sir Owen ap Finn
  • Sir Corbyn Callahan
  • Sir Schatt ap Owen

Knights and Squires of Gwynedd

  • Queen Rayne
    • Sir Trystan ap Owain (b. 1982) (Renounced)
      • Sir Llyr (b. 1986)
    • Sir Finn ap Owain (b. 1983)
      • Sir Mordekai the Foul (b. 1987)
        • Squire Vrog
        • Squire Belchazar
        • Squire Chef ap Mordekai
      • Sir Kelson (b. Before Zwei was ever sleeping in a Pennsic Ditch)
      • Sir Owen ap Finn (b. 1989)
        • Sir Lorrymar Callahan (b. 1991)
          • Sir Curryn Callahan (b. 1996)
          • Sir Theas O'Nyne (b. 2000)
            • Sir Grogamyr the Oppugnant (b. 2010)
              • Squire Mordath
            • Squire Lovildren
            • Squire Adrianne
            • Sir Wolfgang ap Theas
          • Sir Zwei ap Owen (b. 2004)
            • Sir Detaru Lé Trout (b. 2010)
              • Squire Balian ap Theas
              • Squire Kiera ferch Johna
              • Sir Gideon (b. 2018)
          • Sir Cerrydan (b. 2007)
            • Squire Guardian
            • Squire Anna Rexya
            • Squire Hammsa
            • Sir Mace (b. 2019)
            • Dame Silk (Marianthalasa) (b. 2011)
              • Squire Vali
              • Squire Grim
          • Squire Galen
        • Sir Johna (b. 1994)
          • Squire Lloyd
        • Sir Corbyn (b. 1998)
        • Sir Cairbre (b. 2000-Rausumea)
        • Sir Devaryn (Taurendor)
          • Knights of Taurendor
        • Sir Schattenengel ap Owen (b. 2001) (Deceased)
        • Sir Specter Taurendoris (b. 2006)
        • Sir Druss ap Owen (b. 2011)
          • Sir Taal ap Zwei Galatiae (b. 2013)
            • Squire Rover
          • Sir Vashala (b. 2018)
          • Sir Stone (b. 2022)
          • Squire Tien
        • Squire Vixen
      • Sir Jamethiel
      • Sir Balynar the Younger
    • Sir Dafydd ap Ewell
    • Sir D'Jaymes Morghun
    • Sir Lartnec Esrevinu
      • Sir Talon
        • Squire Aramina (Deceased)
        • Squire Tempest
        • Sir Death (b. 1997)
          • Squire Vinja
          • Squire Rath
          • Sir Darkness (b. 1999)
        • Squire Jebb
    • Sir Worp
      • Sir TC
    • Sir Steve
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