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The Knights of Arnor were founded by Sir Angmarth during the founding of Arnor in 2000. With Sir Angmarth being a Knight of Numenor, many of the traditions and methods of the Knights of Numenor are reflected in the Knights of Arnor.


  • Sir Carn the Redeemed, Lord of Cardolan
  • Sir Daemarth the Hammer, Lord of Henneth-Annun
  • Sir Fion the Righteous, Lord of Mithlond
    • Sir Reho the Silent, Lord of Forlindon
    • Sir Azrael the Reaper, Lord of the Necropolis
  • Sir Griffith the Fallen, Lord of Rhudaur
  • Sir Kageshiro the Swift, Daimyo of Itou Koto (The Ancient City to the East)
  • Sir Gareth the Humble, Lord of Avalon
    • Sir Rollo the Glaive, Lord of Cherbourg
  • Sir Fenris the Bull, Lord of the Shire
  • Sir Skarphedinn Steði Norðrar, Dróttinn Nidoros (Anvil of the North, Lord of Nidoros)
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