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Keld is a fledgling realm, founded in 2008 in Moscow, Idaho, by the War Mistress of Keld Shirl Ravenlocke of Shannara, Belddyn Stoneaxe of Rath, Ghazi Dawnslayer of Ebonhold, and Geshtal of Keld. All of which belong to the Chaos Guard.


We normally meet on the Tower lawn, on the University of Idaho campus, visible from 6th street. During the winter, we have indoor practices at the U of I Rec Center. These practices are not to be mistaken for the Amtgard practices that take place on Wednesdays and Sundays on the tower lawn at noon. Current meeting times are Saturdays at noon.


Shirl Ravenlocke
Bleddyn Stoneaxe

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