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Former Chieftan of Oira Morin, which as of 2009 exists only in memory...

Venn Rausumea

Kaimelar "Kai" Arkael Morikayun began fighting in 2003 with Wir Hassen Alles of Dagorhir under the name Adalrochen. Shortly after, he found a home in the Fianna and took the name Duncan. Finally, his name changed to Kaimelar, a Quenyan elvish word for "Dreamer", though the Dragonkin does not have Elven blood. Kaimelar served as Captain of the unit Wargar, though he has retired and began pledging to the Brotherhood of the Falcon. Kai is also an anaceile of the [[Illerendi]

Timeline Began fighting in March, 2003 with Wir Hassen Alles/Chapter of Einherjar Joins Fianna 2003/2004? Founds Belegarth realm Oira Morin 2005? Joins Wargar 2005/2006? Moves to Sage Hill/DurDemarion 2008 Pledges Brotherhood of the Falcon 2014 Moves to Avalon 2015

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