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Hosted By: Dee HoRdE!! in the Dur-De South
When: May 4-6
Where: Montgomery Bell State Park, follow signs to Group Camp 1
Fees: $20, discounted by $10 if traveling 500 miles or more.

Beltaine has a a fiercely loyal fanbase and is one of the most antipiated events of the year. Each Beltain has a different theme. The theme for Beltaine XII will be: Race Against time.

Quote: Izareth "Beltaine 12: Race Against Time

There will be a plot driven series of battles that will not disrupt the field.

There will be a feast on Friday night followed by a feast on Saturday night.

There will be V.I.P. treatment of all Belegarth people who came from West of the Mighty Mississippi.

There will be prizes and battles and reviewing stands for judges and big team battles and 'artifact weapons' to win and take home and fun and field obstacles to fight on and fighting and braggin' rights galore!!!

There is a Malevolent force coming to DurDemarion, we beseech you to come compete in our contest to find the 12 champions of Beltaine."

Previous Beltaines:

  • Beltaine 1 (one day event featuring Tournaments, Javelin Throw, and A 'Fire Jumping competition
  • Beltaine 2 'Cattle Raids'(a night battle with corrals and cattle to 'steal from opponents)
  • Beltaine 3 'The Tourney of the Carnellian Stone' (a tournament over a unique piece of jewelry, won by Granifar of Pent Wyvern)
  • Beltaine 4 'The sinister secret of Wendland Hollow' (an attempt to create a scenario featuring an all night Werewolf Battle)
  • Beltaine 5 'Tribute to Badger's Awesomeness'
  • Beltaine 6 'Repeat of 5'
  • Beltaine 7 'Repeat of 6'
  • Beltaine 8 'The Masquerade Revel' (The feast was run with standing room and finger foods, allowing for a masquerade Ball and competition)
  • Beltaine 9 'The Search for the Holy Grail' (A Grail Battle was held to determine the fighters who would occupy the High Table at the feast. Two Feasts were Held)
  • Beltaine 10 'The Great Quest' (An attempt to create two warring teams who would remain the same for several objectives. Two Feasts were Held)
  • Beltaine 11 'PIRATES!!!!!' (A general Pirate theme continued throughout the event, the tavern served 5 contiunous feasts)
  • Beltaine 12 'Race Against Time'
  • Beltaine 13 'HORDETAINE!!!' Horde themed event with a great Horde foodfight feast on Saturday Night
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