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Full Name: Hakan Shattered-Spear
Fighting since: 2004
Weapon(s) of Choice: Sword and Board
Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon
Race: Bugbear
Current Realm: Rath (The Black Tundra/Lost River)
Titles: Hidewalker, Seeker of the Lost River, current Evincar, former President of Belegarth (September 2019 - 2022), recipient of the Order of the Raised Goblet


"The birth of Hakan began as most births do; in the dark, to the sound of screams, and with the smell of blood. But on this day, blood was not the only scent on the air. Sulfur and salt mixed together in a new stench that assaulted the senses. The volcano stood tall and menacing, a dark point that pierced the otherwise clear ocean waves. Smoke billowed from its crown, and steam hissed as the hot lava dripped into the waters below.

The sky had been calm, but on the eve of this birth, dark clouds had begun to form. The humans in a nearby village gazed at the sky in fear, and hurried into their flimsy shelters. They knew a storm was coming. The once-calm ocean began to twist and swell, and fires blazed upon the rim of the volcano's mouth. Flames crackled and hissed with an unseen anger. Then, without warning, the volcano itself exploded in a torrent of fire, smoke and stone. So great was the force, the ocean itself swelled to terrible heights, and the dark clouds above thundered in unison.

The humans screamed as a wall of water hurtled toward their puny village. They screamed as lightning struck and lit fire to their homes. They screamed as those around them were swept away in the fury of the storm. With all their screaming, they did not see the true source of their destruction, for it had risen from the embers of where the mighty volcano once stood, and laughed at their misery.

This was how Hakan was born: in fire, smoke, waves and thunder. The birth of a true Hidewalker."

--as told by Witchdoktor Galya

By Our Symbols We Are Known

Sigil of Hakan, Seeker of the Lost River

Real Life

In real life Hakan is a giant nerd named Z, whose love of swinging stick is rivaled only by his love of good friends and playing video games. And Food.

Hakan's been fighting since 2004, with Wolfpack Opener 2005 being his first big event. He's lived, and swung stick, in a lot of different places including Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Montana, and now Idaho!

Hakan spends a lot of his non-field time at events either at weapons check making sure you don't break each other or heralding doing pretty much the same thing. Another big part of his time in recent years is spent teaching, so if you have a question don't be hesitant to ask!

He also gives excellent music recommendations for a variety of genres. ~ Sarca

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