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Carbon Fiber Golf Clubs

  • Has to be composite/graphite
  • Do NOT buy metal
  • Pro: Cheap, can be found at local thrift stores for $1-$4
  • Con: Have tapered ends, not one consistent length
  • Con: Has existing damage from past use

PVC Pipe

  • Highly suggested against
  • Considered "Old Tech"

⅜” Solid Fiberglass

  • Pro: Very cheap
  • Con: Very Heavy
  • Available at Tractor Supply

“Bandshop” (Fiberglass Flag Pole)

  • Bandshop - General term for thick fiberglass poles
  • Con - Really heavy
  • Con - Needs to be heavily back weighted

Kitespar (FWET) - Filament wound epoxy tubing

  • Industry Standard in Foam Fighting
  • Pro - Middle price point
  • Use .524
  • Recommended diameter for shorter swords: .505
  • Solid round, consistent thickness (Not tapered like golf clubs)

Solid Carbon Fiber Shaft

  • Pro - Super light
  • Pro - Can have a super narrow blade for tournament flat blades
  • Pro - Very stiff, little flex
  • Recommended Diameter: .312 & .472

Curved Cores (Carbon Fiber)

  • Located in Australia: Elysian Forge
  • Pro - Manufactured to be curved, not cut from a sheet, super strong
  • Con - Super expensive

War Poles - Bandshop

  • Hollowed 10 ft fiberglass poles
  • Con - Needs to be heavy padded

Hell Cores

  • Available through Optimum Armes
  • Best core for reds
  • Con - not easy to get ahold of
  • Pro - extremely light & Durable

Composite Cores

  • Where you combine two cores to achieve a good weapon
  • Example: a carbon fiber top and a bandshop bottom polearm

Bamboo Cores

Need to be checked in person, one decent crack or splint and the whole core is trash

Yellow Bamboo

  • What most people think of when they think bamboo
  • Better for those who don't whack extremely hard
  • Best Diameter: 1.5”
  • Good for war poles
  • Depending on the user, it tends to break down faster over time, compared to other cores

Raw Green Bamboo

  • More flexible than heat treated
  • Best diameter for weapons between 4-6 ft: ⅝” - 1”
  • Best diameter for weapons above 6 ft: 1”-1.5“
  • Con - could fail for flex, if too long

Heat Treated Bamboo

  • Not that good
  • Super stiff, prone to snapping
  • Not Recommended

Calcutta - "Iron Wood"

  • Significantly thicker wall thickness
  • Heavier, but way more sturdy, best type to use

Bamboo Javelins

  • Best Diameter: .25" - .5"


Measured in how many pounds of force foam can withstand under a range of it’s area

Blue Foam - Camp Pad

  • Ozark Trail Camp pad
  • 1.5-1.8lb
  • Polyethylene foam
  • Great base layer foam
  • Can be used for a whole sword, but is very heavy

Boogie Boards

  • Great cheap foam for shields
  • Make sure it’s 100% foam and not styrofoam

Polyethylene Foam

  • Best foam for shields
  • Type of Microcell Foam
  • Do not buy cross-linked, it’s bubble structure is too squishy for shields

Polyurethane Foam - Yoga Matt Foam

  • Never build a whole weapon out of it
  • Use it to add a squishy spot to get hit by (like the tip)

Aether Tube

  • Possibly the best foam on the market for swords
  • Pro - Super light
  • Con - Expensive ($13 - 24”)


  • Was sold by Warlord sports
  • Heavier than aether tube
  • Almost impossible to find on the market nowadays

Frost King

  • Best foam for cheaper weapons
  • Best Dimensions: 1” wall thickness (with .5" inner diameter)
  • Part number: P110XB
  • Bacchus prefers .5 in then add 1.5” on top

L200 Foam

  • Used by Fumbles to make speedy light great swords
  • Pro - Very light, and durable
  • Con - Expensive & Usually only sold in bulk

2 Part Expanding Foam

  • Can be sourced from Douglas and Sturgess (Richmond, CA & San Francisco, CA)
  • 5 lb foam

Model Magic Foam Clay

  • Can be used to make cool details on court shields & weapons

Microcell Foam (MF) - Puzzle Matt Foam

  • 2 lb preferred
  • 3-4lb is not good for strike surface
  • Great for carving small and intricate designs for shields that will be plasti-dipped


  • Harder to tear and rip
  • Denser
  • Best used in weapons
  • Better than EVA foam in general
  • Example: Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam


  • Takes plasti-dip better
  • Best used in shield decoration (not as a main foam)

Volara (MF)

  • Another type of EVA foam
  • Radiation coated results in a super smooth surface
  • You can paint & plasti-dip it, and it won’t absorb because it has the coating

Adhesives & Tape

DAP Woodweld

  • Specifically the red and black can
  • Pro: Decently priced, can be used for entire sword & shield application
  • Con - takes a bit to dry before pieces can be put together

Barge Contact Cement

  • Specifically the Red Can
  • Pros: Stronger than DAP and you don’t have to wait as long for it to dry
  • Cons: not as readily available as DAP, and is more expensive

Masters (White Can)

  • The holy grail of adhesives
  • Pro: Best strength of any glue on the market
  • Pro: Fast cures
  • Pro: Once it sets, it’s set and it’s hard to fix mistakes afterwards (this can also be a con, you have more wiggle room with DAP)
  • Con: Expensive and comes in little cans

Gorilla Glue

  • Not normally used where DAP would be used
  • Needs to be sprayed with water for best drying (it foams up [Expands] with water application)
  • Can be used to attach shield handles to shields

CLEAR Gorilla Glue

  • Doesn't foam up, and has the same applications as regular gorilla glue

E600 Glue

  • Not normally used where DAP would be used
  • Can be used to attach shield handles to shields

Spray Adhesives

  • Not the best for our sport, doesn’t have a good hold and will wear down faster
  • Best spray on glues: Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive & Super 77

Dollar Tree Packing Tape

  • Best tape for “skinning” weapons
  • Super thin
  • Not rigid & is soft
  • Lowest weight

USPS Packing Tape

  • Best tape for torque wrapping
  • Good stretch

Strapping Tape

  • Has fiberglass strips woven into it
  • Used for structural reinforcement, really tough tape
  • Adhesive isn’t the greatest
  • Make sure the stripes go only in one direction, two direction isn’t the correct tape

Double Sided Carpet Tape

  • Can be used in place of DAP & contact cement
  • Solely for super fast sword creations
  • Can wear down easy and fast compared to using actual DAP & contact cement

Tennis Racket Tape

  • Used for wrapping handles, is squishy and good on hands
  • The thicker (more mm), the better

Cloth Tape

  • Used for wrapping handles, really pretty and nice on the hands

Tape to Stay Away From

This tape will make weapons hit more stingy

  • Heavy Duty packing tapes
  • Duck Brand
  • Duck Tape


Through the Roof Sealant

  • Con: illegal in most states due to the lead content & takes a long time to cure & very toxic
  • Pro: The best clear sealant for shields on the market
  • Thick paste you paint on the shield
  • Self leveling


- Goodwins Composites: - TAPS Plastic:

- Franks Cane & Rush: - Berkeley Horticultural Nursery:

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