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======Weapon Style/Type======

With the use of weapons in any situation theres usually a large variety. So with Dagorhir/Belegarth there no different, with this comes many different Weapon and Equipment styles, along with different types of weapons, determining there strengths and abilities. Also weapon types will determine how you can use your weapon.

===> Weapon Types and Styles

  1. One-Handed Swords
    One-Handed Long Sword
    • Long Sword
    • Long Broad Sword
    • Short Broad Sword
    • Halfling Sword
    • Short Sword
  2. Two-Handed Swords
    Two-Handed Great Sword
    • Great Sword
    • Flamberge
    • Claymore
    • Two-Hand Sword
    • Bastard Sword
  3. Ultra Light Swords
    Long Ultra Light Sword
    • Long Ultralight Sword
    • Medium Ultralight Sword
    • Short Ultralight Sword
    • Club Ultralight
  4. Axes
    Double-Bladed War Axe
    • Double-Bladed War Axe
    • Single-Bladed War Axe
    • Double-Bladed Hand Axe
    • Single-Bladed Hand Axe
    • Orc Axe
    • Footman's Axe
    • Halberd
  5. Flails and Maces
    Long Flail
    • Long Flail
    • Short Flail
    • Mace
  6. Polearms
    Glaive Polearm
    • Glaive
    • Spear
    • Quarter staff
    • Halberd
  7. Projectile Weapons
    • Javelin
    • Arrow(s)

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