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Nothlands Photo.jpg

======Northlands Realm Officers 2024======

  • The Warden of the North- R.J. VanKoevering Grimace
  • The Advisor- Chris Beauchene Eisenbär
  • The Arbiter- Steve Powers Guy

======Kingdom Practices======:

  • Sunday (In most weather)

Aberdeen Park, 2230 Eastern Ave NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505 From: 1pm - 5pm

======Experienced Units commonly seen at practices======


Once a large, powerful realm; Northlands had fallen to the ashes of our memories not only just a couple of years ago. Yet, the kingdom of Northlands begins to rise again. Many more units are being re-grouped and trained for tournaments yet to come. We encourage any who are interested to attend a single kingdom practice and see if you have the power and skill of a Northlands warrior (weapons are available at practices with a limited supply)

As the fortunes and fighters of the Kingdom of the Northlands rise again the Warden of this realm on the rise sets his sights on the aftermath of the Demon Kings reign. Under the leadership of his council the realm is nurturing a new generation of Fighters, Artificers, Seneschals, Chroniclers, friendly Monsters, and more. All to prepare the realm, and the world, for the new threats on the horizon.

The Kingdom of Northlands is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

======Past Northlands Realm Officers======
Reese Meekles Umbra , 2023 Arbiter
Dave Harwood MacPherson
Scott Dubois Scios
Nathan Malmyga Ashen

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