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The Demonslayers formed in 2018 as a cross-gaming fighter collective, committed to combat, competitive spirit, and sportsmanship in all modern foam-sword sports.

At events Demonslayers typically camp out with friends and family at Demon Island (BFTR), Demon Grove (CW), Demon Mountain (Rag), Demon Forest (Winter War), and Valley of Ashes Camp (Eastwind Castle events)

Demonslayers Insignia


Tourney Stats

  • Chaos Wars 22, 2018: The Demonslayers smashed it, winning the 5v5 tournament, placing 3rd in 2v2, 2nd in Polearm, and 3rd in Red.
  • Ragnarok 34, 2019: The Demonslayers placed well in the tourneys, taking 2nd in Sword & Board, 3rd in Single Blue, and 3rd in Spear, as well as making a stellar run in the team brackets despite facing their heaviest competition yet.
  • Battle for the Ring 12, 2020: The Demonslayers placed 2nd in the Sword & Board tournament, and for the first time ever, assembled a 10-man team to compete in the main event with an explosive run nearly taking out the reigning champs, The Wardens.
  • Orc Wars, 2022: The Demonslayers collectively put in a stellar performance at the tourney pit of Eastwind Castle, with at least one or more members making the semi-finals in nearly every weapon category. Their top stats of the night; 2nd and 3rd in 2-Man, 4th in Blue.
  • Bloodied Downs, 2022: The Demons placed highly in many of the night's tournaments, 1st and 2nd in Sword and Board, 1st in Warlord, and 1st in 4-Horseman.
  • Winter War, 2022: The tournaments were packed to the gills with all the best competitors eastern Dag/Bel, with the demons floundering in most categories. However, during the main event, the 7-Man, the Demonslayers pieced together a wild team and made a heroic rise through a legion of tough crews to face the Sons of Tara in the finals, taking 2nd place.
  • Orc Wars, 2023: The Demons made a solid rise through the tournies, with a few members participating in every category, and placing 6th and 4th in the 2-Man. The night however culminated in a successful 4-Horseman win against the favored team of the night, Band of the Hammer. To cap off the night,two demonslayers were on the winning team of the Javelin Slayer tournement.

Four Horsemen Challenges

Chaos Wars XXII - Demonslayers vs. The Juggernauts (Win/10-1) / vs. Horde (Win/10-1) / vs. Elite Blood Falcons (Loss/4-10)

Ragnarok XXXIV - Demonslayers vs. KOTOS (Keepers of the Obsidian Stag) (Win/10-6)

Battle for the Ring XII - Demonslayers vs. The Juggernauts (Win/10-1) / vs. Peter and the Quickies (PTQ, Bel, Bran, Hobbit) (Loss/4-10) / vs. Wardens (B Squad) (Win/10-6)

Winter War '22 - Demonslayers vs. Wolf Marrow (Win/10-6) / vs. Lochvald (Loss/9-10)



4-Horsemen Tourney, Ragnarok 34
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