De-Treba Mora

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De-Treba Mora

Mountain Home, ID

Membership: 30.
Units: Reavers, Infinity Mages, and the Uruk-Hai


A newly founded microstate in the Highlands of Chaos. The founders and leaders of Düme: Gilthanas and Týr started thinking about joining Belegarth in late 2006. Düme was created in early 2007 with the help of the nearby realm Rath and continues to gain more and more members. Düme participated in their first tournament in March 2006 and have been excited about fighting more ever since. Seperating from Rath, the name was then changed to the Sanctum and was ruled over by Ryu. When he left the realm in 2008 the leadership fell to Kazuma (aka Newby), who wasn't sure he wanted to be a leader. With dwindling numbers the realm then voted in Rumbeard as our New King, and his wench Fangesta as our mighty queen. The name was once again changed to De-Treba Mora. New life was pumped back into the realm, and it is beginning to flourish once again.


  • De-Treba Mora holds its practices at Carl Miller Park every Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-7:00. All are welcome!


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