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Stat Block

Current Name: Dage
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Previous Names:

  • Sloth
  • Pokey Stick

Realm: Tolaria
Race: yes
Weapon Proficiencies: Glaives and Pokey sticks (spears), Archery, Dying.
Notable Traits:

  • Tires easily
  • Likes to keep a backup dagger when using the spear
  • Battlecry is "Kill Shields"
  • Did archery once upon a time. Draws with his left hand (right handed in everything else!)

Why does this guy have so many names

Dage's first name, pokey stick, came from him referring to spears as "pokey sticks" when using them. For some reason Zenith and Shields found that funny so it stuck for a while

Later Pokey Stick changed his name to Sloth because "Like Sloths, I'm active for a very short burst and then tired for the rest of the day." He went by this name until May 21st 2023

On that day Sloth decided to change his name to "Dage" after Dage the Evil from Adventure Quest because "Honestly that's my favorite aesthetic, and I have no shame in admitting my edginess". Nobody who knew him as Sloth respects that name change (or cares really)…
Mainly because Sloth “Dage” didn’t tell anyone, and simply announced it in a wiki page, just to show how edgy he is. He didn't even add himself as "Dage" when he included himself in the Tolaria members list. That's how edgy he is.

This is true. Also I thought it was funny. And it is! To me.

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