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Colors: Black/Blue



Antivan Crows heraldry DA2.png


Through their deadly reputation and exotic poisons, the Crows practically rule their homeland. Though honor among such an organization is generally dubious, they do adhere to one standard: contracts are met and agreements are kept. Failure to eliminate a mark means the life of the operative is also forfeit.


  • Talon: The highest-ranking member of the Crows, only nine have been known to exist. The “Talons” have the final say in all jobs but is known to consult the “Masters”.
  • Master: A leader amongst the Crows, possibly of a larger group. Ranking assassin who accepts and handles assassination contracts.
  • Assassin: A member of the guild without greater rank. “Assassins” are known to do most of the units grunt work but are still formidable opponents.


The Crows usually employ elves because humans often find them attractive, giving them an advantage over their target. However they also have a large number of Human recruits. They train their recruits from a young age, and have no problem killing them if they make a mistake. Once a new “assassin” in accepted into the unit they are given their hood to help conceal their identity while working for the Crows. Antivan Crows who achieves the rank of “Master” are given a ceremonial dagger from the Talon and sent to assassinate a target using that dagger alone. The greater the risk, the greater the good omen for the Talon's future. Antivan Crows who achieve the rank of “Talon” are given a ceremonial half-cape to signify their rank within the unit.

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