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Monsterdom is a counterculture within Belegarth and Dagorhir that revolves around LARPing as a monster. It criticizes the ideas that roleplay should be taken seriously, that knighthood is a sacred institution, and that the sport should be played to git gud and win.

Anybody can claim to be a monster, even if they're a pinkie. The one unified task of anybody in monsterdom is not to take those self-proclamations seriously. This can include denying that those people are monsters, parodying their garb, and generally giving them a hard time regarding their race. They shouldn't, however, be bullied for out-of-character traits or for choosing to participate. If so-called monsters can take that and still call themselves monsters, then maybe they belong in monsterdom after all.

This category encompasses all things related to monsterdom, but for ease, please use this Category for monster race pages, and then the 'Monster Lore' sub-category for pages involving specific lore stories.


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