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Blitz fighting Attila at PR3 Sword & Board Tournament.
Blitz at Battle for the Ring 2015
Blitz at War of Wrath 2014
Fighting Since 2009
Realm Sunspear
Race Silverhelm
Racial Subclass Arhat
Unit None
Former Units Witherwood Company
The Sith
Squired to Sir Ahlschwede

Events Attended

  • Battle for The Ring III
  • War of Silica Vale II/Fool's Raid
  • Sith Invasion
  • Battle of Sword Coast (I Or II)
  • Weddagadeddon
  • Battle for The Ring IV
  • War of Wrath I
  • Silica Vale III
  • Stronghold I
  • Battle for the Ring V
  • Vestale
  • Battle for the Ring VI
  • Silica Vale V
  • War of Wrath III
  • Battle for the Ring VII
  • War of Silica Vale VI
  • Chaos Wars XIX
  • War of Wrath IV
  • Battle for the Ring VIII
  • Phenoix Rising 3: Fools Raid
  • Western Wars 13
  • War of Silica Vale VII


Blitz started fighting back in 2009 at the age of 16 in the realm of Sunspear, at the time named Fortriu, in Fresno, CA. After a couple years, Darth Cheeseheart visited the realm and told them of Battle for the Ring. The realm gathered their weapons and went to Battle for the Ring III as their first event. Blitz has since showed interest in helping the community grow. As such, Blitz has helped run a number of events in California as an EC, Head, Or Subhead, depending on the needs.


Blitz was enlightened by the gods to his True Nature and was Awoken to his Silver Form, becoming a Silverhelm. Blitz was close with the god Pluto, and thus was branded with Pluto's mark on his face, showing the other gods where his loyalties lie. When the creators left, Blitz was left in charge of guarding the Underworld and the gates that allow entry into it. This became a mind altering task, as for thousands of years Blitz was alone, with no creators, and no other Helms left. So it was until the Prophet came to him, and told him of his visions and the return of the Creators. Blitz left his duty to assist the 9 with remaking the once great race. Blitz was named "The Protector" by the Prophet - an all too fitting title for one who guarded a gate for much too long. Blitz had a hard time adjusting to having those to whom he could speak freely too, and for a while his anger got the better of him. But soon, he changed into a much more welcoming, less angry being. As he learned to trust those around him, he started to see how the path they were walking down was not the path he believed the creators would want them as Helms to put themselves on. Internal Conflict ensued and 4 Helms, Blitz Included, Decided to part ways from the 11 that were, to form "The Arhat": a group of Silverhelms who keep existences free from the flaws they perceived in the others. Denounced as Abominations by their kin, the Arhat hope to someday show the world their true capabilities.

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