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Fighter Information

Full Name: Aaron Geistfeld
Fighting Name: Batman
Realm: Sand Plains
Unit: The Order
Fighting Since: Febuary 26th 2012 (Wolfpack Opener was his first time fighting ever)
Weapon of Choice: Spear and Archery

Batman at his first event, ever. Photo by Ellie Apland

Events Attended

  • Wolfpack '12
  • Spring Wars '12
  • Sand Plains Closer '12
  • Chill, Kill and Grill '12 (Appleton Daghonir)
  • Geddon '12
  • Bear Blast '12
  • Rhun Opener '12
  • Chill and Grill '12 (Dunharrow)
  • Numenor Opener (or Closer, whichever was in Sept) '12
  • Sand Plains Opener '12
  • War '12
    Batman, Photo by Jessica Leatherby
  • Octfest '12
  • Here be Dragons '12
  • Rhun Closah '12
  • Wolfpack '13
  • Muxlovia Mayhem '13
  • Dragon Coast Opener '13
  • Spring Wars '13
  • Numenor Spring Closer '13
  • Geddon '13
  • Ragnarok XXVIII (2013)
  • Dunharrow Kill Grill and Chill '13,
  • Sand Plains Closer '13
  • Melcorma'13

Other Important Information

The name Batman was chosen by Aaron because he owns a Wildlife/Pest control company which specializes in batproofing homes. Because of bats being his expertise, he has been called Batman by his clients all around Wisconsin and proudly servicing them since 2002. If you're in the Sand Plains area, you are welcome to stop in at the Absolute Wildlife Control commercial unit located on the main street in Plover. Everybody is welcome and Aaron will gladly take some time to talk if he's in the office. FYI... Aaron's favorite comic book character is Batman and for very specific reasons.


Batman, Photo by Kit of Sand Plains
Batman and Rhabas at Rag 28, Photo by Victoria Ellis Photography
Batman at The Battle for Eryndor, Rag 28, Photo by Xana.
Batman, Photo by Fiddlefoot Photography
Batman, at the Khador Invasion 2013. Photo by Aron Cates
Batman, at Geddon 2012. Photo by Antoinette
Batman and Static, Photo by Cat of Sand Plains
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