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What is a "Realm"?

Belegarth realms are simply locations where members can meet and practice their fighting skills. These chapters are located throughout the U.S., as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. A listing of all known realms can be found here. Also, refer to our compiled Map of the Realms for a better view.

Realm Requirements

Article 15: Realms

  • 15.1. What is a Realm: A community or territory that has an active status in the BMCS.
  • 15.2. An active realm in BMCS:
    • 15.2.1. Must have and maintain at least ten (10) active members. An active member is defined as a person who has signed a waiver and either attends practice once a month during the practice season and/or attends three inter-realm events in a calendar year.
    • 15.2.2. Must register with the BMCS. Either contacting an Officer of BMCS, and/or the BMCS online message boards.
    • 15.2.3. Must use the rules for combat based on those contained within the Book of War of the BMCS. A realm may develop realm-specific rules. However, the national rules will be used during any inter-realm event.
    • 15.2.4. Must not be within 20 miles of another BMCS realm. Alternatively, if within 20 miles of another BMCS realm then must have at least ten (10) active members separate from the other realm.
    • 15.2.5. A realm must have a regularly scheduled practice at least once per month.
    • 15.2.6. A realm must have a written constitution and/or bylaws. These will be submitted to the War Council for review prior to being granted speaking or voting status.
  • 15.3. Becoming a Speaking Realm.
    • 15.3.1. Meet all the criteria from section 15.2 with the following exceptions or additions.
    • 15.3.2. A speaking realm must submit their bylaws to BMCSWC at the time of being nominated for speaking rights. Failure to do so invalidates their nomination.
    • 15.3.3. A speaking realm must have been an active realm for a period of one calendar year before being nominated for speaking rights.
    • 15.3.4. Speaking realms are allowed two (2) representatives to the private War Council Forum. They may voice their realm's opinions, but may not make motions, or vote, on any business.
    • 15.3.5. An Officer of BMCS, and/or voting member of the BMCSWC must sponsor a new realm before they are granted a seat on the BMCSWC.
  • 15.4. Duties and responsibilities of a sponsor realm.
    • 15.4.1. Designate points of contacts for both the sponsor and sponsored realms.
    • 15.4.2. Exchange contact information including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email.
    • 15.4.3. Make an attempt to visit the sponsored realm practice or event at least once every six months.
    • 15.4.4. Once this is done, the sponsorship needs to be addressed by the BMCSWC and a vote taken. It will be a 2/3rds majority vote. Once passed, the new realm will have its speaking rights.
    • 15.4.5. Any voting realm may nominate any speaking realm for voting status as long as the requirements of 15.5 are met.
    • 15.4.6. A vote of 2/3rds majority is needed to move a realm from speaking status to voting status.
  • 15.5. Becoming a Voting Realm.
    • 15.5.1. Meet all the criteria from section 15.2 and 15.3 with the following exceptions or additions:
    • 15.5.2. A voting realm is considered in attendance at all online votes. Realms should always strive to NOT be non-respondents. Even if a realm plans to abstain, they should respond as such.
  • 15.6. Removal of a Realm:
    • 15.6.1. If for some reason a realm does not fulfill the requirements of section 15.2, 15.3, or 15.5 the BMCSWC shall remove the voting status of the realm in question.
    • 15.6.2. If a Realm knowingly violates local or federal law, the realm may lose voting rights by order of the BMCSWC.
    • 15.6.3. If a realm is dissolved, or states its wish to no longer be associated with the BMCS, the realm will forfeit its voting rights.
    • 15.6.4. A realm may voluntarily choose to reduce its status from voting to speaking rights. To regain its voting rights, it must follow the procedures in sections 15.2, 15.3 and 15.5 of this article.
    • 15.6.5. Voting rights may be removed if BMCSWC does not feel that a realm represents Belegarth in a positive manner. All votes to remove voting rights for any reason require a 2/3rds majority vote by BMCSWC.

See also: Speaking Realms, Voting Realms, Non-Belegarth Realms

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