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Name: Archer

Archer, king of Archonia, littlest of hat trolls, saltiest of Satyrs, Horniest of Goats. The Worst Fighter on the Field, according to at least one Sword Knight-Warlord* /s

Race: A satyr, sometimes. Part-time hat troll.

Style: Min red, sword and board, not archery

Former fighter and Vice-President of Manoa.

Co-founder and Dictator-for-Life of the now-defunct 'Ele'ele Wai, Hilo.

Currently drifting to major events and occasionally odd realms here and there depending on where the wind takes him.

Started the great Facebook Pixel Art Profile Pic craze of 2016 by making a pixel art of Rasheab as part of a non-Bel related joke. It took off from there.

Events Attended:



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