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Realm Summary

Manoa (MCC) is the realm covering south-east Oahu, centered primarily around the city of Honolulu, but with members ranging from Ewa and Pearl City down to Kahala and out past Waialae. We are located in the Manoa Valley, and hold practices on the campus of the University of Hawaii.

As a primarily college based realm, we have a wide range of membership. Aproximately 1/3 of our members are female, and our members have a wide range of prior experience (from "absolutely none" to "years of kendo (or Belegarth)." Similarly, members have a wide range of intensity: many find this a fun activity to participate in, which also provides a good workout, while others have prior martial arts experience, and use it an additional method of (cross)training.

Basic Overview

Manoa Medieval Combat Club (Manoa MCC) is a medieval combat sport. We are a flexible group with members from a variety of different backgrounds (culturally, experience level, and fighting background).

There is no participation fee, and loaner equipment is provided free of charge until you decide that you would like to stick with the sport. It is highly encouraged to eventually obtain your own equipment, and as a bonus it will then be customized to your own specifications. Do not worry citizen; you will not be alone in this endeavor. Experienced members will be more than willing to provide any help that you need when building your equipment, and tutorials are available on this website, under "How to Build."

ManoaMCC is a member of Belegarth Medieval Combat Society, a national organization. Absolutely no experience is necessary. While it is helpful to have some sort of prior sports experience, it is absolutely not a requirement. This sport is great exercise (not to mention fun), and you'll find that all sorts of prior life experience translates over into fighting. Also, don't worry if you're a hands on learner; we are more than happy to go over the rules during practice, and generally do so at the beginning of practice, and with new(er) members.

Manoa (MCC) is a RIO (Registered Independent Organization). Manoa MCC is allowed to operate by the university, but is officially independent from the school. (Check the above link for more information on RIOs.)


If you would like to try your hand at building weapons, please look here first: Category:How to build. While they are only guidelines, I really hate to see people waste time and effort on a weapon they can't use (at least at practice). Also feel free to ask Rasheab and he will be more than happy to go over guidelines and give tips.

Just as a reminder, we are a free club. However donations are always welcome; the weapons are personally provided, so every little bit helps. OR, if you would like to purchase a professionally made weapon, or supplies to build your own, talk to an established member, and we'll help you get hooked up.

Realm Information


University of Hawaii at Manoa, Holmes Hall Front Lawn

University of Hawaii Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii (Oahu)


A printable business card for the club.

Practice Info

Check out the FB group for details



Head Marshals:


Additional Resources

Manoa Constitution
Belegarth National Website
Belegarth National Rules
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