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Animus in armor

Animus is an Elder of the realm Lands of Ameth.

The following is from Disciples of Ameth

Character History

Animus' father was a member of the enigmatic Nitida-Nex elven mercenary unit. While guarding a small town in the lands of Lacostera the elf fell in love with one of it's inhabitants. The pairing of a human woman and an elven man was quite uncommon, but not unheard of, though their children rarely live simple lives. Amongst humans, they mature both physically and mentally slower than their kin, and faster when amongst elves. Animus lived with his mother this way for 16 years (though strangers would think he was only 9) until his village was burned in the wake of one of the many wars that ravaged the area. His father, being well aware of the war, abandoned his unit to try and rescue the child and it's mother...but could only save one.

Unconscious and injured, Animus was taken to his uncle, a political leader in a nearby hidden elven village. He lived amongst them for 10 more years until finally, fed up with being shunned as brutish and aloof by his "elegant and charismatic" elven peers, he fled in the back of a dwarven trade wagon. They agreed to let him travel with them as a tradesman, his keen attention to detail showing promise in the ways of chainmail and armor detailing. After seeing many great cities with them and making many more interesting acquaintances, him and a few of his friends set up a permanent shop outside a town known as Hasgoth, catering to the battle games that city was known for.

When he reached the age of 37 they created the battle games unit Canis Ferox (Dogs of War) which for a short while was a large part of Black Company's Outer Circle, a band of mercenaries who frequented the battle games. As Hasgoth's economy declined they started working with the Company and helped defend the nearby mining colony of Khazad-Dûm on more than one occasion. After more close brush's with fate than he'd like to count, he opted to accept an invitation to study at a distant school of magic. Upon his return to the dead lands of Hasgoth and the caverns of Khazad-Dûm, his unit had disbanded. He waited a while, living as well as he could off of the land, until Ventus hired him as a scout. They later found Elindiel and Rogue whom Animus had once fought beside. The four, with the help of Elebrim and Cloral founded Disciples of Ameth and now work towards reuniting the scattered peoples of their fallen home.

Fighting History

Animus began fighting as Phaige in early 2000 at Hasgoth located at Eastern Illinois Universities North Quad. When Hasgoth dispersed in late 2001, he and his friends started fighting in their back yards. They called themselves the Dogs of War, basically because they liked the way it sounded. Since the group worked more like a family of guttersnipes than an elite military brigade, "Dogs" seemed appropriate. When they found people fighting in Kiwanis Park a few months later, they were quick to assemble and start fighting regularly. The persona of Animus was born then and his player, Brandon, vows never to change personas again...

His contributions to the group usually come in the way crafts such as the "Über-Sashes" which possess a unique theme to each member of the unit while retaining the "Rune of Ameth" somewhere in the design. Most of the groups chain armor is built, modified, or maintained by Animus and he tries to help with foamsmithing wherever he can. As for the field, he relies on short bursts of speed and flanking to take down as many enemy fighters as he can before an inevitable and sometimes acrobatic death.

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