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Venn Rausumea

Fights with Illerendi

It all started when I was 115. It was the most eerie day i have ever seen. I was laying in a bed of white lilies, not far from my home, where my mother was weaving beautiful silk tapestry. I was staring at the dark blue sky, with all the wonderful clouds in their amazing shapes. When the most amazing thing happened, I stopped hearing all the unique sounds of nature, the sky grew into a dark grey, the clouds gathered, it started to pour down rain, and the lightning was terrifying. It was dusk when I traveled back to my village, Indil Norie, to get out of the storm. When I heard screams coming from the village. I didn't see anything at first, but as i flew closer to my village i saw my friends and family get ripped apart from creatures of which i could not see. Although I could see the blood spatter on these creatures. I could make out what they kinda looked like. But as it slowly slipped into the night the creatures became more visible. The creature were very dark, they stood about ten to fifteen feet tall. They had large black and red wings. The rest of their body was scaly and smelled like rotting flesh. They had pure white eyes and large horns. They ripped my village apart with claws. They had a very high pitched screech. that would bring you to your knees, but in between their screeching they spoke some kind of demonic language. I was terrified. I flew as fast as i could to my home where i found my mother mangled on the floor. I stumbled out of the hut in shock. I was trying to get out of the village as fast as my wings could take me but one of the creatures grabbed me by my wings. I felt i sharp pain in my back. As the creature ripped my wings off. I stumbled and fell into a hole where my enemy could not reach me. I fell ever so slightly into a deep sleep. I dreamed of something wonderful.... It was the most amazing thing in the world. There were beds of flowers, beautiful waterfalls, and i could hear a very faint but beautiful chant. I couldn't tell what the chant was. I awoke violently to the sound of crying. My back was a bandage and it had stopped bleeding. I should have died but something in my dream saved me....

Now here I am, 100 years late, still young but I have nothing left. I have searched and continue to search for the creatures that ripped my family and friends from my heart. But my soul lives on to take revenge on those who have done this to me. I have traveled from land to land to see if any one has heard of such creatures. But in my journey I have felt alone but I meet new friends and enemies everywhere I go. When I travel on to a new land I still will remember them. I long to find these hellish creature. But I can only search and grow stronger and wiser everyday.

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