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War Council decisions in 2017

This list includes all changes passed by War Council during the four voting periods of the year (March, June, September & December)

Officer Elections for the Next Year (2018)

Realm Status Changes

Book of War changes in 2017

Changes to Shields:

  • 3.11.4. Shield Bashing and Checking
    • Shield Bashing is defined as a combatant charging another combatant and using the face or edge of their shield to make contact with their shield or body, such that forward momentum is impossible to stop within two steps.
    • Shield checking is defined as a combatant using the face or edge of their shield to make contact with another combatant while stationary or charging from two steps away or less, such that the combatant is able to stop their forward momentum within two steps.
    • It is legal to shield bash or check another combatant from the front or the sides excluding the rear quadrant. The combatant initiating the bash or check must ensure that this will not place another combatant in an unsafe situation.
    • A combatant may bash or check another combatant who does not have a shield.
    • While performing a shield bash or check, a combatant may not make intentional contact with another combatant’s head or neck.
    • Bashes must target a combatant’s center of mass, not knees or legs.
    • It is illegal to bash or check combatants that have bows and/or arrows/bolts.

Modification to

  • A disabled leg may not be used to power movement, but a combatant may move in any way that they are capable of moving without power from the disabled leg.

Modification to 3.7.4

  • 3.7.4. Combatants attacking an unaware combatant with a Class 2 or 3 weapon must shout “Two” with a two-handed Class 2 swing, “Single” with a one-handed Class 3 shot, and “Double” if with two-handed Class 3 attack as appropriate. If the weapon class is not called, the combatant should consider a successful strike to cause a single hit.

Addition to 3.12.7.

  • If holding the weapon from a striking surface, a combatant cannot attack to deal damage to other combatants in an unsafe manner (e.g. punching and/or gripping so that the handle or pommel is swung towards an opponent).

Changes to Hafted Weapons:

  • 4.2.4. Hafted: A weapon is hafted if the striking surface does not extend all the way to the handle.
    • Hafted Class 1 weapons must have incidental padding that extends at least 6″ from the striking surface, or to the handle, whichever is shorter, and courtesy padding that extends from the bottom of the incidental padding to the handle.
    • Two-handed hafted Class 2 only and Class 2/Class 3 combined weapons must have incidental padding that extends at least 12″ from the striking surface or to the handle, whichever is shorter, and courtesy padding that extends from the bottom of the incidental padding to the handle.

Modification to Flails:

  • The minimum striking surface circumference measured on the smallest plane passing through the center of the flail head is fifteen inches.
  • Prohibited items:
    • 5.5.2. Camouflage, cargo pants, or modern shorts.

New Crossbow Rules:

  • Crossbow bolts must be able to be fired by a standard bow, and will be tested as normal arrows during arrow check.
  • A crossbow's draw may not exceed 450 inch-pounds.
    • Inch-pounds are calculated by multiplying 'Poundage' by 'Power Stroke'.
    • Poundage is measured at the bow's full draw.
    • Power Stroke is the distance from rest to full draw measured in inches.
  • The minimum firing distance for crossbows is 15 feet. This is an exemption to 3.13.2.
  • Appendix A: 11. Bows: f. Crossbows will be hit tested at 10 feet.
  • Appendix C: Crossbow Quick Reference Chart

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... eB2lwuskY/

By-Laws changes in 2017

Addition to Article 11

  • After an Annual budget has been passed, a voting realm may motion to make an addition to the budget by proposing funding for an additional project or projects that are in accordance with our mission statement and articles of incorporation or to increase the budget for an existing project. Once a motion is seconded, BMCS Officers must make a statement of the proposals' feasibility within 48 hours. If the motion is passed by a 2/3 majority vote as defined in Article 10, then the additional project is to be included in the annual budget.

National Events of 2017

People who were titled in 2017

-Sir Guts (Slums of Shaolin)
-Sir Takus (Numenor)
-Sir Shroud Huan (Numenor)
-Sir Bogun (Norcalia)
-Warmaster Kord (Norcalia)
-Sir Acrid the Scarecrow (Barradun)
-Sir Alom (Ered Duath)
-Warmaster Bacchus (Sunspear)
-Warmaster Bruja (Babylon)
-Sir Torix (Saracor)
-Sir Kael Prime (Sunspear)
-Dame Black Betty (Beornve)
-Sir Zeke (Texas)
-Sir Storm (Mittlemarch)
-Sir Boz (Mittlemaarch)
-Sir Aslander (Mittlemarch)
-Sir Gorg (Ragnorak)
-Sir Feyne (Gwynedd)
-Sir Loki (Rivendell)
-Sir Ember (Dunharrow)
-Sir Horus Arete (Rhun)
-Sir Whilhem (Khador)
-Sir Blikzz (Khador)

People who started fighting in 2017

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