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Überwald is a realm founded in Wisconsin. Located in Milwaukee, Überwald is a chartered, Voting Realm in Belegarth. The members of Überwald are a tough and dedicated people, committed to creating a positive and competitive presence at events and on the practice field.

Das Uberwald Flagge

Basic Information

Founded: June 12th 2012
Located: Milwaukee, WI
Number of Members: 30+
Practices: Sunday; 1pm-4pm

Realm E-mail:

  • uberwaldmke@gmail.com

Realm FB Group: The Realm of Uberwald


Realm Baron

  • Goswin



In the northern forests of Überwald, a land once overshadowed by the iron fist of the Dark Empire, a proud people still dwell. They are the hardy descendants of that fell kingdom and the shadow of its evil masters rule can still be felt upon the land. The forests of Überwald are a dangerous place, and the long and harsh winters have created warriors inured to the travails of war. The rulers of Überwald are a quarrelsome and contentious lot, used to squeezing every ounce out of their serfs. While long an isolated people, they are known for their lucrative trade in fur and wood which makes its way reliably down the rivers to more civilized lands farther south as soon as the ice covered rivers thaw.

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